Travelling With Ileostomy-any meds taken prior to prevent travellers diarrhea?



So as most of you have sensitive stomachs too, I do like to travel and travel a lot but always end up having a day into my vacation where I get travellers diarrhea -want to know what you guys pack in this instance? Do you take anything prior to trip during etc ?



What's a vacation ..... ?


Wouldn't taking stuff just prolong the inevitable?

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@alext-just wondering if there's something anyone takes before as prevention?

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Take Metamucil. Twice a day, 1 tablespoon in a tall glass of water. You'll be amazed.

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is it safe to take daily? Won't bung you up? I tried that before and nearly went to hospital with blockage -questioning if it firmed things up too much for me?


Someone messaged me and mentioned Florastor probiotic. Anyone use this daily or is this only a one time usage? I use a women's probiotic currently but if this is better I would be willing to switch.

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If it plugged you up, you may have started off too strong. Try starting with 1 teaspoon until you can better move it through. Don't eat anything for 1 hour afterwards, and it'll go right through, no worries... especially for an ileostomate. :)

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Maybe I missed something or don't understand ‍ but.....If you tried it before and had a problem, doesn't that answer your question about it being safe to take daily?


No I don't believe in taking something unless you need it....I always take some loperamide/Imodium with me just incase there needed there fast acting so within 1hr of taking them they slow everything down

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