Seeking Advice: Concerns about Post-Surgery Complications


In 2010, I had Hartmann colostomy.

In 2020, I agreed to ileostomy and rectum removal.

Well, I have mesh where the old stoma was. And don't know where else. I'm so scared. Here are my concerns..... Would CT scan with IV only show bowel or stoma stricture? I have horrific belly, pelvic, bladder, and backend pressure.

The surgeon was horrible. Period.

I found out he died in Sept.

What are symptoms of obstruction, and can they be found on CT scan with IV, only? Are bladder scans good at seeing if bladder empties?

They've seen small bowel loops laying in pelvis.

My thoughts are all over the place. I'm nauseated, but no vomiting. I'm scared of the NG tube, and catheters.


I can't answer your concerns but so sorry you have to deal with this.

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Hi Mrs, you don't say how long ago your surgery was, but if your surgeon died in Sept., it's been at least a few months, so you shouldn't be in this kind of discomfort. It sounds to me like you need a trip to the ER for further investigation. A CT scan should show whatever is going on. Are you having output? The symptoms of an obstruction are, no output, pain and/or pressure in your abdomen. How long have you been feeling this way? An obstruction can be very serious, so I wouldn't let it go on too long. Have you tried the usual things that can help to clear a blockage? Drinking a bottle of real (not sugar-free) Coke, lie down, try to relax, apply pressure gently around your stoma, apply a heating pad to your abdomen. Sometimes even just walking around can dislodge something. Some use apple juice, or some other very sweet juice instead of Coke.

The thing is, something else more serious might be going on, so if it's been going on for several hours, I wouldn't delay any more. Good luck, and let us know how you make out.


Audrey Warren

Your situation is most complicated and sad. Hopefully you can find a gastroenterologist

who can refer you to another rectal surgeon to answer your questions.
Good luck with finding answers and being free from pain.


I'm so sorry you're going through this and how scary it all must be. I agree with the others and you should at least have it checked out just so that you can figure out what's going on and what to do about it. It might alleviate some of your anxiety because the not knowing and being in limbo is terrible.

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Obstruction... no output/gas. Stomach pain/pressure. Usually feels much better to lay down. Until you've had an obstruction, nobody can describe how painful it is. I just got done clearing one that I dealt with for about 3 days. I've been sick with the normal coughing/phlegm, sinus headache, etc. and just thought my stomach was sore from coughing so much. I was wrong. I ended up taking 3 doses of Miralax and it finally cleared. I was headed to the ER the next morning after those doses if it didn't clear. 2:41 am it came out and it was instant relief. I was doubled over in pain every time I coughed until it cleared. Obstructions are the most painful thing I've ever dealt with and nobody has a clue how bad they are till you have one. If you're still having issues, go get checked out, the misery isn't worth it.

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I had frequent small bowel obstructions, 26 last year that progressed to violent vomiting. Horrible pain, toward the end of last year I started using a wide neoprene belt to hold a vibrator tight to my abdomen at the first hint of a symptom. Doing that significantly cut the number of episodes that progressed to vomiting. It took 3 vibrators for continuous vibration because they took longer to charge than they lasted. GI said it was brilliant.


I know last month they gave me a CT scan to check for blockages. I do have experience with catheters and bladder.

I think the catheter was easier to deal with than the ostomy. My first one they gave me a bit of morphine and some numbing gel. That helped greatly. After you have one a bit, changing them out doesn't hurt.

Bladder- I had to go through two tests to check if my bladder was healed and working. Both were easy and painless. They fill your bladder with water while watching it through a machine that hovers over you like an x-ray. For the second test they tape sensors down near that part of your anatomy and place a little tiny brush-like sensor in your bum. That doesn't hurt either. Trust me, I'm a pain wimp. They fill your bladder up and you let them know when you feel like you have to pee. They will tell you when to go. They are able to see if your bladder is squeezing and how well your sphincter muscle is working. Super simple, didn't take long.

If they want you to learn to self-cath, which is even better than a catheter, it's super easy.

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