Proctectomy and Future Fertility: Seeking Reassurance


Has anybody had a proctectomy and ended up with a Barbie butt (anus sewed up) but have still managed to have children after the fact? I'm sorry, I know it's personal but I have to have the rest of my rectum and anus taken away but I really want children in the future, but there are risks of infertility on this surgery because of it being a pelvic operation. I need some reassurance that it could be possible to still have children after this, worst feeling ever


I bet there's a few. Hope everything goes well for you.

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You'll be fine. I'm a male and they said it could affect me down yonder, but I'm fine. I've had it all taken out down there. No brown round either. I've lived with it for 35 years. Still woody, few complications, but still manage.


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Those who can relate, raise your hand.

It is my understanding, there can be issues with this surgery. I guess it depends on the surgeon's skill.

Hope you can research the hell out of this question and solve the mystery. Have you considered freezing your eggs, perhaps?

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Hi Lauren,

I have read about ileostomy mums (with complete proctectomy) who have had no issues. I am sure I've read some posts about being pregnant with an ostomy on here, hopefully they see this post and can offer advice.

Are you on any social media ostomy groups (I know there are many Facebook and Instagram ostomy groups based in the UK).

And below is an Australian girl who has had children since having an ileostomy.

Hope you can find the help and information you are looking for.


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Hi Lauren22

I've had a proctectomy with a Barbie butt from Crohn's Disease in my mid twenties. Four years after my surgery, I had an emergency C-section to deliver a 3lb. baby boy 10 weeks premature because my kidneys had shut down. I could not stay hydrated even with IV fluids administered at the hospital. My son is 29 years old now and six feet tall with no health issues from his premature birth. And fortunately for me, I have no lasting damage to my kidneys. I'm very active and staying hydrated is not an issue. I have my original stoma with no revisions or no hernias and rarely have leaks or blowouts for 33 years now. I've had no issues with fertility and had to use birth control. Hope I've helped with your concerns and good luck. Darlene


Check with a gynecologist and your surgeon too.

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I don't see many hands raised here. That activity doesn't cease with age. Some older ones are deadlier than the younger ones. Best wishes.

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Thank you so much, this does make me feel much better, so glad you're okay still and that you have a healthy baby!

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Thank you so much

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I have considered it but my surgery is very soon as it's classed as an emergency surgery. Once I was healed from my first surgery, my UC is still very active and now I have to have the rest out as soon as possible. Plus, it's so expensive. I would have loved to have done this; however, my surgeon did say that there won't be any need to do this because he's confident I'll be okay, but there's always that bit of fear in me about not having children.

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Thank you. Glad you're still okay!

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Thank you


That affliction understandably raises many fears. Most are unfounded. At the end, yours will go the same way. Many encouraging words written here by some who were in the same boat as you. All the best wishes.

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