DIY Shower Cap Using Hollister Bag


I have just made this as a shower cap allowing me to shower without eruptions going down the drain, very easy to make using part of the Hollister bag and anything that fits into the groove.


Very cool invention!

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I do like inventions!


How very cool and creative of you! I can see myself using that. I always want to give my stoma a good soaping and rinse though, so I would probably just start by doing that, and then put the shower cap on. Hey, you should patent that!


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Love it

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Then do you clip that onto the wafer that you're currently using?


Awesome, very creative.


Just clip the Hollister belt right to it.


I'd need a bigger cup!



Hi all, I used to shower all the time without the bag on and didn't really care if "output" went down the drain. But I stopped doing that (I leave my wafer and appliance on) because the soap or body wash often left a film on my skin which interfered with the adhesion of my wafer (I use Convatec 2 piece). I stopped taking baths for the same reason...the soapy hot water penetrated the wafer and softened the skin underneath. Not a secure feeling. So now, when I shower, I start with the pouch on, shampoo, and soap up, and then take it off. If I really want to "wash the skin around the stoma, I take off the pouch while in the shower and just use the hot water, no soap, or moisturized cleansers. Just a personal preference. Ironically, I have no problem at the beach or pool (cold water) or in a hot tub, no soap. Best of luck to all. Marsha

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The main reason your bag is not sticking is because the worst thing you can shower with is body wash, and only use a non-scented soap. Also, I never got a good adhesion with Convatec, and that's why I use a two-piece Hollister. I don't get leaks at all. I only use warm water and non-scented soap, give it a go.

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Hi Marsha, I know some people say not to use soap, but this is just what my ostomy nurse told me, and it's proven true for me anyway. She said only to use unscented, plain soap, like Ivory, something that has no added creams, etc., and then to rinse really well. She said that especially for people with oily skin, that just the natural oil in your skin can affect how well your flange will adhere, and for how long.


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