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Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since my emergency sugery for a perforated bowel, section removed now have stoma,

A week in ICU, another week in hospital, now im home but still feel weak and drained, Is this normal?

Thank you.

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Yep, for me it was and based on my experience it will be for quite a while to come.


Yes, I too had emergency surgery (after 76 years of no prescription drugs and great health) and it took me a long time to re-coop.  I don't want to discourage you, we are all different, but it took me almost a full year to feel normal again (other medical issues popped up) thus the long recovery time.  You most likely will have down days, but try to stay positive and look for laughter whenever and wherever possible !  You must learn things along life's path - Example:  you know how they throw the ball into a crowd after winning a game?  That's not allowed in bowling.  I know that now!
Feel better soon.  jb 

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I was in hospital for 8 weeks, barely got out of bed and weak as a newborn- but it gets better. Went back to work and after 2 hours collapsed/tried to do too much - pace yourself

2 years in and running around like pre surgery- your body has its own time table but it will get bettet


I feel this in my bones, muscles, connective tissues, etc... I had surgeries in July and November of 2022.  I really lack patience when it comes to my personal healing. I feel like I had more energy after the bigger surgery in July than the one in November.  My surgeon's theory is that I was so happy to have the crappy colon removed I was looking at life through a kaleidoscope of sunshine and rainbows for a while and not dealing with all the physical and emotional pain I'd been through.  I've really been dragging since my surgery in November but there were complications.  My surgeon told me the day I had the NG tube removed was day 1 of the healing process and everything up to that point was getting me stabilized... I'd been in the hospital about a week at that point.  Another part of my fatigue is diet.  I don't know how you're doing with getting the nutrients you need everyday but if I was being graded I'd probably be failing or getting a solid D.  I struggle with knowing what to eat that will make my body happy and not sick. Even applesauce doesn't want to be my friend right now.  I'm at the point I'll give it whatever it wants in that moment-but I had developed an aversion to a lot of foods.  

I know the big 4 that are being drilled into me constantly are: hydrate, eat, rest, walk.

6 weeks feels like foreverrrrr right now, but how you're feeling right now will slowly fade away until one day you realize how far you're come.


It gets better, takes quite awhile for your body to recover as it's trying to heal as it's first priority. 

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I'm 7 years and still tired!!! Do ok till I stop then I'm done.  All blood work comes back fine.  


Maybe get some bloodwork done and check your testosterone. I hear it's a game changer for energy. 


Yep. Me as well. I had exact same surgery. I felt extremely fatigued for 9 weeks. I would say week 10ish I just started feeling better. It was worse in the evening. I tried napping midday. It will pass. My surgeon said it was normal. You will feel better 


Like many other fellow travellers here - the short answer is yes, it is normal. The best I could do was shuffle painfully up and down my street clutching my abdomen for some time but bit by bit I got further and further afield. There is much to learn and accept it is a lot! It will get better. Over time I got back to normal. Try to be kind and patient. Our bodies receive enormous trauma and it take time and energy to heal. When you're ready, the right kind of exercise will help healing along with good nutrition - ask an expert about this, don't overdo it.

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Agreed - and the expert is your own self/body - “we can live but one day at a time” …. hugs, jb 


Hello. I've had 2 doctors tell me and from my experience it takes 3 days for each day in the hospital to recover. I was in the hospital twice for 7 days and each time I was so weak I could barely go up 6 steps. Be patient with yourself. 


It's very normal. But as they all said, you will bounce back. And eveyone is different as to how long it takes. My husband had the surgery last year at age 79 and he also had a prior stroke. After a month of hospitalization and then rehab he was very weak. He continued to progress and was doing great after about 6 months. 

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