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I’ve been looking at Stealthbelt and other companies. Has anyone ever tried either a vertical or horizontal belt and if so, which one do you prefer and what is your opinion?  I’m just trying to find something that conceals my pouch better under clothing and for more support of pouch. Thanks!

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I like my vertical StealthBelt and I also like the wraps from Ostomysecrets. 


Hi g,

  That's sort of two different things there........concealment and support.......and depends a bit on your output type and frequency.  The best way to conceal would be with a light wide wrap or fabric, like what Alex references.  But support is different, and it depends if you mean keeping your barrier tight to your abdomen or supporting the weight of a full bag.  For the former the belt that comes with your barrier should provide all the support that's needed, and there are wider belt options from other vendors if needed.  For supporting the weight of a full bag, something like a Stealthbelt would do the trick.  Just remember you can't see thru it or even feel how full your bag really is, so you may need to check it routinely if you have high output, or ate a lot.  The horizontal Stealthbelt would be less conspicuous until your bag gets full, but wouldn't be a good choice if you are high output or have liquidy output.  Then the vertical is a better solution to keep your output off your barrier........but it will hang lower and be more easily seen if your shirt or blouse is short.  And if you like to wear shear fabrics they'll still be able to tell with either one......unless you have other lumps around your midsection!!  For me, who has to empty my bag often, I find something like Stealthbelt just another step I have to go thru to empty, and not really worth my time.  Again, not a problem if you only empty it a couple times a day, but for others with higher's just more work.  The cheap-o way to support a full bag and help with detection is to tape the top of your bag to your abdomen (when it's empty), so when the bag gets full it won't pull the top of the bag down and forward and show thru your shirt.  Decisions, decisions.....right?  


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Got more information from your answer than any site on the internet. Thank you


Hi G,

I found that a 4" strip of Opsite Tape works about as well as anything. Holds the pouch close to the abdomen and you don't lose touch with what's going on. 

BTW, your pictures are great!



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Which belt do you prefer?

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I’ve never seen wider ostomy (stretchy) belts that attach to the pouch? I’ll have to research that. And I’ve tried taping the top of my pouch several times in the past but every single time, the output eventually gathers by the stoma almost as if there’s not enough expansion of pouch for the output to drain down. Output is different too depending upon what I eat. I guess it’s just a trial and error thing!

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Thanks Bryce!  

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It’s kind of a toss up really. I wear the Stealth Belt more in the warmer months it seems and I wear the wraps when it’s colder and I got layers on. The SB is better if you need the support around your stoma to help prevent leaks. I could also see the SB being better while doing heavy activity, running, lifting, etc. But for just wearing to cover your bag and help keep it concealed, it’s a toss up IMO. 


Personally I love the Stealthbelt.. I was able to swim in my pool and work in the yard like normal!  I hope you find something that works for you.  Take care!  

Reply to Anonymous want a wide belt that connects to your bag, not your barrier.  Don't think you'll find one, but could be wrong.  If you have a wide belt flange attaching to a single point on each side of the bag........the belt will cup when tension is applied.  That's why most of the wider belts go completely around the stoma opening, so the connection on either side can be the full width of the belt and stout enough not to cup or bend.  I looked around a bit last night and didn't find what you're looking for........which doesn't mean it's not out there.....but might be elusive to find.  Most who are looking for support belts are looking for something to go over their barrier and hold it to their belly, not to hold their bag tight to their body.  You could make something pretty easily, especially if you had a 3-D printer.  Otherwise you might have to get a few belts and add the bag connection from your current vendor's belt.  But once you make one..........who might find a lot of people want the same thing and you could make a fortune!  Just don't forget about us ostomy minions as you climb the ladder to fortune and fame!


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Since the Stealth Belts are adjustable, you can tighten them up a lot if you want, which makes them pretty darn tight to your body. I do wish their belt part was wider but that would just be my personal preference. 


Re: Stealth Belt-  So how does this thing work?

Do you put your bag inside and it squeezes against your stoma?  The web site pics are not very clear or I am just not looking at the right spot on their web site.

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I'd sure hope not.  I've found whenever I put pressure on my bag blows the barrier seal around my stoma.  But maybe if you have a real solid output it might not.........but then you got 'pancaking' to deal with.  It's why I keep my bag empty as much as I can......I feel very vulnerable when I'm toting around a bag of liquid shit hanging in front of me.  I'd just need one person bumping into me, or a buddy giving me a friendly punch to the gut........and it would be messy.......messy!


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There’s a video on their site on how to wear it. Your bag goes in the belt and you wrap the belt around your waist, pretty basic. 

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OK I found the video.  Poor girl in the video seems to struggle a bit.  Also FIRST time seeing a appliance horizontal vs vertical.  Not sure how poop can move left or right in that situation.  I think I will stick with vertical and gravity assist.


Hi dmo,

  I agree.  I've never understood why you'd want to have your output on the save level as your stoma, as with a horizontal bag holder like StealthBelt.  I'm guessing it's geared more for those with a colostomy rather than an ileo......but then there's the pancaking, as you mention.  But it appears they sell a lot of horizontal belts, so there must be a just escapes me.  

  Warrior sent me two of them a couple years ago when I was looking for patterns to make my own.  I really didn't enjoy wearing either.  One was the firmer Neoprene and the other was the Spandex version.  I'm guessing it really depends on the quantity and firmness of your I need access to my bag frequently........and they were just another layer of things I had to deal with to get to my bag to empty.  I'm glad they work for so many folks...........but not really for me.  



Hi, I know nothing about the belts. I use the body wraps from Ostomysecrets....... I'm active and they work great. Easy to use , comfortable, and quick access to your bag if need be. It hides your bag well.

Take care, D.

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Hi Bob, I just recently tried a wide, pink tape to tape the top of bag when it’s empty , and it seems to work pretty well!

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