Gentle Skin Cleansing Wipes for Irritated Skin


Does anyone know of skin cleansing wipes that are good for cleaning and healing irritated skin?

My skin has broken down from poo and I want to try and heal it.


Mild soap and warm water. Let it air out if you can. After it dries, use some stoma powder if needed and then apply a skin barrier wipe by any of the top companies and let it dry thoroughly before applying your stuff.

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Domeboro soap, which is OTC, is what my ostomy nurses recommended for me.

Elly Mae

I was taught that 'less is more'. I only wash my skin with water or have a shower with my appliance off to give my skin a break. I gently blow dry my skin well after (on low heat setting). I apply a barrier ring around my stoma and then my flange. Everyone is different though. You might have to experiment to find what works best for you. There are lots of good ideas on here... I wish you luck.


I agree. Wash and then dry it well. Shower without your bag but don't use a soap with perfume, just plain soap. Then I use a Welland washer Seal XMHWA310 pre-cut to 30mm, then my Hollister Concave base 13506 pre-cut to 32mm, and my bag 18183. This works for me, but you need to try as much as you can until you find the right setup and stick to it. Regards, IGGIE

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Agree with AlexT except I was instructed to not use soap to clean. I clean with water, dry. If skin breakdown then use powder, use barrier wipe. Cavilon is my favorite. One thing that is important is to find out why you are getting irritation and keep it from happening again. If I go too long between changes, I get irritation. If my barrier is not centered, I get irritation. I have found using a thin wafer cut and placed around the stoma before placing the barrier eliminates having to be exactly precise in the barrier placement. Other reasons for having irritation are skin fold, a nearby scar, and rarely sensitivity to barrier.

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I was never instructed about using soap, my ostomy nurse said plain water was fine. Then, 1 day at an appointment, she changed my bag to see how I was healing and she used soap. I asked about it and she said they don't recommend it because too many people don't pay attention to what's in the soap. I've been using Liquid Dial in man scent for over a year with no issues. After the soap, I rinse and then apply Head & Shoulders and rinse again. I'm on day 5 (I was way too preoccupied today to change my bag) right now with no issues but I usually change every 4 days.


In addition to water, I've started using Brava skin cleansing wipes from Coloplast. They seem to help really clean well as well as alleviate mild irritation. Sometimes when my skin is especially irritated (due to a leak, for instance), I use some diluted white distilled vinegar and apply lightly. Sometimes two or three times, but making sure to air dry completely between applications. I get better adhesion this way than using stoma powder.

Learned this from my cousin who's a retired nurse. Though she hasn't had much experience with ostomy issues, she's certainly seen her share of infections, wounds, burns and such.

Ostomate & woundr

From Amazon, I get the only wipes I have found that do not sting and do not have any lotion or lanolin or silicone or any other skin protectant that would prevent my wafer from sticking. There are 50 in the package and they are about 4x6 inches.

In order for insurance and Medicare to cover them, they are sold as:

Safe Simple adhesive remover Perryistomal wipes. Sometimes it helps to have something disposable.

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I've always wanted to try those.

Ostomate & woundr
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FYI, I get mine from my ostomy supplier, Comfort Medical, included with my supplies paid for by my insurance. I live in Texas. I don't know if that makes a difference.

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Thanks for the info.


Coloplast makes a skin cleansing wipe for around the stoma. The package contains 15 wipes and can be used for pouch changes. They will send you a sample.

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