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Ostomy Armor

Posted by bagr, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:58 pm
Here's a copy of my original post over on the UOAA website. I thought it might help some people:

I usually don't endorse products but this one here has made a difference to me. First a little background. My stoma is right on my waistline. I had figured out 4 choices on how to wear my pants. 1. Up high which I call the old man/Urkel style. 2. down low which I call gangsta/plumber style. 3. Loose waist and suspenders which I call the Elmer Fudd style. 4. Bib overalls which I call the farmer style.

I got the Ostomy
months ago and thought it was bulky so I decided to wait until I went to work to wear it. I got here at work and started wearing it for protection/support. I realized I could wear my pants right across my stoma. It allows drainage into the bag and only reduces bag capacity a little bit. I can wear pants like a real man now just like I used to plus have stoma protection and support. I have been wearing it with the optional sweat covers in 100+ degree weather her in Kuwait without any problems.

I have already ordered another one for home without any back strap padding. I think I might be able to wear the pants I was wearing when I went in for surgury. I know one thing I'm going to prove that Ostomy nurse wrong that measured me for my stoma placement. She looked at my belt buckle and said "you will never wear that belt and buckle again".

Sorry for the long post but it is a brightspot when any normalcy returns in my life. I also thought there might be someone out there with the same Urkel/gangtsa/Fudd/farmer pants problem that I had or just needs stoma protection and support. Gordon Scott makes them and he has been great to deal with. His website is
Thanks Mike
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Reply by Bluezz, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:57 pm
Ohhhh..Mike You have been holding out on me! I went to this site and thought...hmmmm I like the purple
If I had known this I would stop buying the "after surgery" wide support, squeeze ya till ya can't breath, let alone eat, tummy support belts! Of which I have my Madre cut down and sewn to resemble more of a "belt"...ahh she will be so happy to hear about this!
This appliance looks far better than the ones that look like a friggin puzzle just to get on and around the fanny..Yeash blew my mind as to how that could be comfy all day. If this helps me get out of oversized sweats everyday..and back into my jeans..i'll just have to send ya a hug..
Reply by bagr, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:09 pm
Just don't try to clear airport security with it as it sets off the metal detector. I found this out flying out to work. The TSA guy kept saying that it would be alright until I had everything out of my pockets. I finally undid my pants and pulled it off and put it down to go through x-ray. I told the guy t was the only thing different since I flew in. I cleared without it. Needless to say it's a small airport and the other passengers were oilfield hands headed to Houston. I think they got a chuckle out of it as the guy wouldn't listen to me and was scared to pat me down cause of my ostomy. I have found that carrying a spare bag, clip and wipes in my cargo pant's usuallycauses them hesitation. It usually goes like this: What's in your pocket? I whip it out and say spare ostomy supplies. Get out of here. This guy was scared to run his wand over it as he half @ssed pated me down and wanded me twice. Once across it would have found the metal. It kind of had me hot at the time but it's pretty funny now. As you can tell I'm not shy and my ostomy is what it is. I always wear clean undies in case I need to whip my bag out and give those TSA agents a sample.
Reply by kenkd, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:29 pm
That's very interesting. I purchased a stoma protection piece called 'stoma guard'(I think)  which is made of some pretty hard and sturdy 'plastic-like material'. I bought it from a U.K. online shop for $35 U.S.  as I did not see any similar products available in the U.S. until now, and this one is pretty close to what I have, except mine has a slight bulge in it's dome like configuration. Anyway, being a martial artist when my sifu struck the stoma area with the appliance attached, there was absolutely no feeling, and in fact can in itself, cause a little pain to the striking hand because of the material it's made of. So I don't see this stoma guard wearing out any time soon, and I feel 'less vulnerable' when I'm out. or when I practice combat tai chi.
Reply by scotiaman, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:45 pm
The ostomy armour makes sence... but how does it feel when you are driving... I would think it functions best when standing upright , rather than bent so that it could dig into the stomach area !!!!!Scotiaman
Reply by Ridge, on Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:47 pm
My Friend,
One of the hardest adjustments for me having a stoma for the last few years is the inability to wear the proper gear for hiking, climbing, and long distance backpacking. With the pack's belly-belt riding right over the pouch, and an ileostomy that never seems to stop flowing, it closes me off and causes an explosion of sorts in a very short period of time. My question is have you used this new piece with a backpack and would it be a good solution for me.......Ridge.
Reply by bagr, on Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:22 pm
I doesn't bother me driving I just slide it up a little and slide it back down a little, tuck my shirt all the way in and slide the back of my pants back over the back of the belt when I get out. I had Gordon make me one without the padding on the back which I wear when I'm at home. As for the back pack I imagine it would work good, I'm unsure though as my carry on has a handle and wheels lol. If I remember right his website shows military types using it. It's a stout gard so I don't think the weight of the back pack belt would hurt it. .
Reply by Ridge, on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:16 pm
You will never know what this could mean to me. Thanks so much for sharing the information, I'm going to give it a shot......Ridge.
Reply by bagr, on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:21 pm
I say go for it. I think it would work. It will only cost you some money. My insurance paid a little bit on it. It might allow you to do what you want to do, what you used to do, and to me it would be well worth it. Thats why I ordered it so I could wear pants like I used to and get some normal back into my life. I plan on going snowmobiling this days off and I've been known to get bounced around some but I think it will protect me. As long as I can keep from freezing my bag off.
Reply by CloudyRae, on Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:37 pm
I bet Gordon is getting a lot of business after your post.  My husband has a urostomy and Gordon said it would work for him.  We're getting ready to place the order right now.  THANKS!
Reply by WOUNDED DOE, on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:00 am
So many interesting things to catch up on when I can on this site, wow, the cool things ya'll share SmileSmile  
Ostomy armor....VERY good thing to have in so many situations.....there are so many cool people on this site who prove that no matter what has happened to us we still can continue to be active and resume with our life's passions and interests despite the ostomy (provided of course that the rest of our body is healthy and able)   Personally I have lived my life with an ostomy since I was a child and have only vague memories of life withOUT my ostomy so I simply never let it stop me from doing anything I wanted to do and I have led, and still lead, a very active life...
.....then someone comes along like Kenkd who really blows my mind to hear that even since his ostomy he continues to be a Martial Artist!!  Now that rocks!!  Wink  SmileSmile  He's just another awesome example for us all.......major kudos to you Kenkd!!
Reply by bagr, on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:29 pm
I'm an active person and I'm not going to let some bag slow me down. My main thing was getting back to work and get some normal back into my life. I was asked if I was sure I wanted to come back to the heat and the dust of the desert. I told them I was 100% sure. I'm going snowmobiling this days off and will be back on my Harley come spring. The way I look at it you can be active, normal, do the things that you enjoy and win or you can lay around and feel sorry for yourself and let the cancer, UC or whatever caused you to have a stoma win. I don't like losing and tried the laying around feeling sorry for my self but after a couple weeks I decided I wasn't having any fun. Now back to the subject.
  I forgot to mention that the Ostomy Armor also makes for a good muffler when your stoma decides to join in on the conversation. Sally Stoma just reminded me off this when I had my belt off this evening
Reply by Pinky, on Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:59 pm
Hi Bagr - first let me say how impressed I am with your attitude and resilience after such recent trauma!

This Ostomy Armor intrigues me and it is no more expensive than the custom-fit hernia belt I can barely stand to wear for the time it takes me to walk my dog.

What is difference between the regular and upgraded Ostomy Armor?  Are you wearing yours all day in comfort?

Thanks for this info and for finding us are a gem!       Smile
Reply by Nicky-T, on Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:48 pm
Hey Ridge,

Having once upon a time been a hiker and bicyclist in the wonderful state of Oregon (properly pronounced ORGN) I too am now permanently "abled" with a sack on my belly to collect fecal matter. To me it has seemed more an advantage than a hindrance. But my reason for writing is to ask about your experience with the ostomy armor (armour? -- sounds too much like "love -- amor). Did you get one? Did it work out for you? Should I ask for one?

Yeah, I know, you can't tell me how it would work on MY fat belly. But I would like to know how it works (worked) on yours. And, no, I'm not accusing YOU of having a fat belly.

Since I'm not a paid up member I can't send you a personal message, so here is my attempt at communication. Lemme know if you actually get this. I'm ntrubov at ipa dot net and if the moderator doesn't spank me for putting that in the message then we are good to go.

Reply by vanessavy, on Mon May 27, 2013 12:50 am
Ostomy Armor is run by a friend of a friend. He is a SEAL I belive who started to make the product when his bag bursted working on his car. He wasn't going to let a bag slow him down. He hunts, hikes, etc. It is made out of Kevlar so it can even take a bullet for you Smile

It is indestructible.
Reply by stevos64, on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:07 pm

I realize this is being posted way after the original comment but I received my Ostomy Armor one week ago today (Through the VA for any disabled Vets out there) and it works perfectly. I've used the Stoma Plex guard and it isn't very good.  The belt is cheap elastic and the cover is so thick, I needed to buy larger pants.  Also, it seemed to shorten the life of my seals.  The Ostomy Armor is extremely well made has a solid closure that also has a cover over it for comfort.  My iliostomy is right at belt level and I am able to wear my old pants without any problems.  When I showed it to my Wound Nurse at my local VA, she was very impressed with it and said it looks like something you could buy at REI as it is so solidly made.  Highly recommended and the VA now pays for them for us VETs.

Reply by CascadianAaron, on Fri May 12, 2017 9:58 pm

I ordered Ostomy Armor back in 2011 and got a ton of use out of it. In the meantime I got a StomaPlex as a gift which fell apart in just a couple months. I got a warranty replacement that once again fell apart in a short time. I also tried a Stomashield which was better but still not as good as my worn out Ostomy Armor. I recently got my 5 year old worn out model upgraded to the most recent Ostomy Armor and I am beyond amazed at the quality of the product. Gordon makes the best stoma guard hands down. Made in the USA and top quality craftsmanship. 

Seriously, don't waste your time with other product, this is the best.

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