Opinions on Pouch Covers?


Hi everyone
I would like to know, has anyone out there used pouch covers and were they any good or just a waste of time?
I am thinking of getting some, so I would like your feedback on this.

Many thanks, Angel xx


Hi, I have tried them in the past, but the ones I had seemed bulky and a hassle. However, that was years ago. Personally, I didn't like them and haven't used them since. However, I have friends who can't imagine being without them. Definitely worth a try though.

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Hi Angel,

Before you think about purchasing them, you should try making your own.

I am not all "crafty" yet, but I have made several covers just from scraps of material.

There is a pattern on the below Dutch website, and I use a similar version but leave the bottom end open to allow easy access to the tailpiece.


Mine slip on and off easily, and I find that that little extra bit of cover helps if you do happen to spring a leak. It also prevents any rash that can occur from where the original bag sits on your skin.

Certainly a saving if you have some time to spare (and you can pick and choose yourself what type of material you use).



I have a question. I have never even seen a pouch cover... What am I missing?

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It is a material covering for your pouch/bag. I am considering one because I have this one troublesome spot that is causing me some troubles and I think covering my pouch might alleviate some of the irritation and it can finally heal.

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Hi Angel,

Before you buy any pouch covers, phone the company you get your ostomy supplies from. In the UK, you can get some pouch covers free on prescription. If you like them, then you can buy some or make your own.

I have tried the pouch covers and I really like them. I wear them at night and they keep the bag from scratching my skin. If you live in England, you can get them on prescription and try them out for free.

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The http://www.stomaatje.com/clothing.html site recommended for pouches and clothing is excellent.

I spent a great deal of time looking at the entire site and found more answers than I could have wished for. Obviously, there are things available in many countries that are not available in the US. However, it was a joy to see that so much thought has been put into the ostomy topics .... surgery (kinds), alternatives, products, recovery, clothes, and more. Pictures clarified explanations beautifully and were tasteful.

I was amazed at the amount of information available. I wish I had found it earlier - nearer the time of my surgery - Aug '09.

Many thanks to you, JMaree


Hi everyone, thank you all very much for your comments. It was very helpful, and Jo, thank you for the website. What a lot of information! It is great. I sat all last night reading.
I think I am going to have a go at making some pouch covers myself. Thank you all again.

Love, Angel xx


Hi Angel, using pouch covers is okay, but it is a bit of a hassle wearing one. Like most people these days, I think using an opaque pouch is just as good and you don't have to worry about it. With my urostomy, as long as I can see the tap, that's all. Have you sent away for any free samples of them? Mike. Happy Easter.


The posts about wearing them to bed and helping with the bag not rubbing against skin kinda clears a little up for me. I have tried to figure out the point of pouch covers in the past. Excuse the expression, but isn't it like putting a dress on a pig?

I've looked at the websites for a pouch cover but I can't find any that will let me have one on prescription. I am allergic to plaster (fine time to find that out after having a urostomy!) and I am having a hell of a problem trying to find products that won't upset my skin too much. Using a pouch cover looks like a good idea to me. Can anyone out there post a link to such a company that will let me try before I buy or can supply them on prescription?
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The pouch covers are great, but you would still have the adhesive back plate stuck to your skin. It will not help you with allergies to adhesive.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to using the adhesive back plate although I did consider at one time using a hammer and nails to keep the bag in place! (Only joking)
I would still be interested in trying the pouch covers as it would stop the pouch rubbing against my skin. So if anyone out there can give me a link to a company that would supply me with them on prescription, I, and I'm sure many others, would be very interested.


Re: Your query about pouch covers. When I first became an ostomate, I bought and then made some pouch covers, especially for the summer when the plastic would be so hot. However, I subsequently changed to Coloplast pouches, which have material covering them, thereby negating the need for a separate cover.

Hi Patricia,
Thanks for your suggestion. I tried Coloplast pouches and they were by far the best, as they had some kind of dividing chambers in them which distributed the liquid evenly. Unfortunately, the seal they use caused the worst skin problems, which took weeks to clear up. I have been on to Charter Healthcare, who deliver my products, and they are going to try to find a company that will supply them on prescription.

I don't know if any man tried to use "Smocked bandeau" as a pouch cover.
I bought it from a mail order store and tried it.
Mine is made of spandex. I like it very much so far.
It's very cheap (about $5) and comfortable, but I don't know how long it lasts.


I've always managed to get by with a wrap-round sarong when out & about. If anyone knows where I can get a couple of waterproof bag covers for wearing in a swimming pool/bath, I'd really appreciate your messaging me... Thank you

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