My colour-full rag-tag bag



Right from the start. I sensed there was art.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I've so often said. The cherries stay red.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

And to my delight. All nuts stay white.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

There in my sack. The currants stay black

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I tell you my fellow. The sweetcorn stays yellow.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Blueberries too. Will keep their dark hue.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Those carrots stand out. Bright orange they shout.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I perplex and frown As I ponder the brown

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

A vortex soup of colours blend. A pot of gold at rainbows end.

In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Were I an artist like Matisse. I would paint a masterpiece.

From my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

But I am just a simple poet. Rhyming words is how I show it.

From my colour-full rag-tag bag.

I use the rhythms and the rhymes. To tell of smell and raw enzymes.

From my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

The subject matter won’t get worse. By placing it within a verse.

The ostomate as graduand. Will be the one to understand.

My colour-full rag-tag-bag. B. Withers 2011

Brilliant, love it!
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HAHAHAHh 10 points to you Bill..xxxxx...Nuts yum or nooo hahahah


Awesome stuff!! You have quite the way with verse... Look forward to reading some more.... Which reminds me.. I need to drop a blog or two in here again.. Stay tuned!!~dg22~

Also known as DG44...
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This is a little more serious - has anyone seen a 'cover' to hide the bag? A nice design or art piece...

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