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A stigma is disgrace or shame.
And socially unacceptable.
Sometimes it’s clear within a frame.
Sometimes it’s imperceptible.

A stoma is the sort of thing.
That draws the stigma out.
For some it is embarrassing.
Not to be proud about.

Some people tend to stigmatise.
And do not even know it.
Some know not how to empathise.
And therefore cannot show it.

Some seem to have a prejudice.
So stoma’s not their taste.
Some suffer a paralysis.
Against the body’s waste.

Stoma stigma’s just like this.
Some people have it badly
They won’t talk of poo or piss.
So avoid the subject madly.

They’ll freely talk of broken bones.
And accidents they’ve had.
When I talk about my Crohns'.
They treat me like I’m mad.

Where talk of stomas is taboo.
The stigma’s there as well.
With ostomates this is not true.
As you can surely tell.

Stigmas come in many forms.
They must be overcome.
Not everyone can cope with poos.
That don’t come from their bum

With time and effort from us all.
We can stop the stigma rot.
When there’s no stigma to recall.
Stoma stigma is stoma so-what!

B. Withers 2011

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My thanks to everyone who contriobuted to the 'stoma stigma' forum post and therefore contributed to this verse. Best wishes Bill
Posts:86's spelled like john...Crohns :)~
Hello Banshie3by5, Thanks for pointing out the spelling error - it has now been edited. (It is a good indication that this concept was contributed by someone else!) Bill
hi bill,this is first time i've commented on the verses you've posted, sorry i've never put anything before. just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your work. often makes me stop and think or smile. mrs o xx
Hello MrsO, Thank you very much for your post and I'm so pleased that yo8u have enjoyed the verses. I sometimes look at how many people have viewed the blogs and wonder what they think. Feedback like yours is therefore so important, otherwise I would be writing in a vacuum with no idea as to whether anyone else might appreciate it. Best wishes Bill

Hi Bill, fantastic poem couldnt have been said better than a poem, well done..ambies..
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