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Hi to all my big O's Mates. Hope that you all Okay and your life is treating you well. We have Winter in Australia and it is very cold this year. Thanks for your support when ever I go on the Forum. Bubbles ( pouch ) behaves quite well and we are starting a relationship of acceptence. Last week I had my 65th Birthday and I had a great time with my friends going out for Lunch, though I couldn't eat very much what was offert on the Menue. But most sweet desserts Bubbles liked.
Had a glass of wine with a plain meal of Chicken fillet with Carrots and Pumpkin, on rice with ginger sauce. Yummy !!! Afterwards a Cafe Lattee with a chocolate aftermint. Just a tip to all you Ostomates avoid more than one cup of coffee, instead dring lots of water and plain herbal teas...very good for your digestive system. Today is my day out to go to the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne at a cafe in Sassafras called Miss Marbles ! All your Aussie Mates should know where about it is. Can't wait for my Carer to take me there in about 1 hour. I'll have yummy things to eat and worry about the concequences later, because this is only once a year plus the ranges are so beautiful. Please keep well and stay in touch my friends.



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I think it's great that you are doing so well.You have winter in Ausralia in june? Does that mean that your summer is in december?I always wanted to go to Australia. Maybe someday. Well, keep up the good spirits and have a great day. Donna
Yes June is Winter and December Christmas...very hot, but it never feels like a proper Christmas. I think cold and snow just makes it complete. Renate
Agree with you on the teas... except chai... always made me cramp. Someone on here said there is a lot of bark in chai and that its harder to digest. Sorry to get off topic... but what's a summer Christmas like? Does the decor change?
you right I don't drink chai also. Christmas in Summer is the same decor and all trimmings only its stinking hot most of the times, miss the cold and snow from Europe where I came from 43 years ago. We often celebrate Christmas in July at certain places in the Mountain ranges around Melbourne. Been there yesterday at a beautiful Cafe called Miss Marbles. Had turkey, crainberry sauce and Christmas pudding with brandy custard.
Hey gilry you leave our Hot xmas alone i love it . LOLOL and yes its crap in Melbourne but guessing its winter what should one expect LOLOL brrr brrbrrrrrr hahahah a haaa your Not a true Aussie after all, sneck i knew it . if you were summer xmas would be in your blood .hmmm :D gimme heat gimme australia anytime any day darlz x
Fable christmas is the same here as in anywhere else its just different weather :) I would rather eat salads than hot food for the xmas day lunch we have a bit of both hot cold food and NO its not always stinking hot it poored raining last year and a few years actually as its a melbourne thing right snecks HAHAHA
well Hun you maybe right, me not being real blue..sorry this is the problems with the roots ! HaHa sneaky little Aussie mate you are Lol
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