Six months later: Ostomy journey update

Well, a fine ostomate I turned out to be, eh? Three posts and that's it? Sorry about that. You could say I have 'issues' with following things through; alternatively, you could just say I'm a lazy old cow. I'm fine with either.

I feel a bit like a bag veteran now, all this time later. I switched to drainables around the end of January to avoid the faff of having to do a full change every time there was some action. On the whole, these have turned out to be fine, murder on the knees though and a definite no-no for your average public lav (yuk!). Things did indeed firm up fairly rapidly and ironically enough, the spate of accidents/leaks I've had lately have been caused by a blockage in the bag mouth and then whatever's wanting to come afterwards rushing out, meeting said blockage and just going, "Ploop!" Nice. Full change of clothes/shower required and it's always just when there's a good bit on the telly. Fortunately, it's never yet happened in public, fingers crossed. The most embarrassing incident thus far was when a girlfriend and I went for a ladies' lunch in town and then cocktails afterwards. Although there were no leaks, thank God, the bag decided it was going to absolutely stink and I mean STINK! There we were quaffing our Cosmopolitans and Mojitos when suddenly, I got a whiff and thought, "Don't you dare do this to me, you ****", whilst simultaneously smiling at my friend and excusing myself for a swift check-up trip to the ladies. No leaks revealed, just this appalling stench. Out came the Chanel No. 5, squirt, drench, flood, all to no avail. Back on the cocktails, friend's nose wrinkles up, "Can you smell something, like manky drains?" Me (lifeline!) "That's exactly what it'll be, ducky, this place is a new build. I bet they haven't got the pipes sorted yet". Nightmare! Thing was, she knew about my op, but it never occurred to her it might be me! Lol!

Son number one moved out in April to a place of his own, so we were down to three which seemed strange. Then last month, after a sustained period of weird behavior from the spouse, he eventually confessed he'd been having an affair with someone he met on the internet. He never did have any class. He kindly told me the 21 years I had invested in him were worth nothing as he had only got together with me because he 'needed someone' after his brother's accident. Nice, cheers for that, you lying, cheating, odious little ballbag - trot on and get yourself a good lawyer because by the time I've finished with you, you won't have a pot to p*ss in. 20 years is a long time to be married, and believe me, sunshine, I don't come cheap. I threw him out, so now we're down to two - ho hum. Life jogs on, and Eggandchips is adapting to the single life. I've joined the local branch of the MS Society and go to the center once a week for a workout class, Pilates, lunch, and socializing with a great bunch of new people. All my friends and family have been brilliant, I'm going out every weekend, I'm eating well, I've ditched the wine habit, I've lost three dress sizes, I've rediscovered fashion and colors, I've reclaimed my maiden name, and I'm just generally on the up. What else can you do, really?

Went to see my consultant at the end of June, a delightful man, charming bedside manner, sense of humor, it all helps. Long story short, I'm down for my reversal on a cancellation basis, if no cancellation, they reckon around November/December .... another crap Christmas then! Lol! I'm overjoyed, really, and I know how lucky I am.
Texas Girl

You sound like me. I have been on this site for many years, but I don't talk much on here. Still haven't figured it all out yet. Just enjoy the reading and get a lot of help from everyone.

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Texas Girl

Oh, and so sorry to hear about the spouse, but sounds like he wasn't good enough for you. Keep your head up.


Cheers, TG. Very helpful reading on here and yes, you're right, he wasn't. x


Oh, bless you my dear. Long time no hear, but all very understandable. Keep up that positive attitude and it won't be long until reversal day! It can't be easy, I know, but your wonderful outlook and sense of humor will see you through. But remember too that we're here for those darker times and are happy to listen. So, don't be a stranger in the future. Take good care, Colm ps. Loved your "smelly" story!!! :-)

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister

Lol! Hi Colm, how nice to see you here again. You were here when I first came on and you knew who The Pioneers were - very impressive! I'll not be a stranger and I hope you're doing fine yourself, matey x :-)


Nothing wrong with your memory then! Lol!! ;-) Not doing too badly after my reversal, thanks. I'm in for a colonoscopy later today to see how things, fingers crossed!! Positive thinking all the time! ;-) Oh how your earlier blogs had us all in stitches.....they certainly made some great reading and made me laugh when caught out myself! :-) So thank you for that! ;-) Stay positive and here's sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!! :-)


Good on you. Pleased to know that you are getting out there and enjoying life - it's no dress rehearsal. It's his loss and he must remember that what comes around goes around, so wait until you have the loudest laugh xx Good luck with your reversal unfortunately that's not on the cards for me! lol xx


WOOHOO and you are rid of an ahole. Being the ex, well, you're up for reversal. You lucky ducky, good luck with that. Loved your wording too. LOL, that was an interesting read. Damm, hope he gets a bitchy lady with the internet. Woman, that would probably be a plus. But damm, breaks your heart, I'm sure. Plus, being stoma reversed, but maybe you should take spare pouches out with you and not eat much. That's all I can think of. Or put some smelly stuff in the pouch. I don't have a colostomy. Did you not think of ever irrigating? I never kneel on the floor when I empty, just the usual normal way. :) Thanks, egg and chippies. LOL :L) MOOZA xx

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