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This 'thing' is on my side


This ‘thing’ that’s stuck upon my side.
Does not want to make me hide.
It’s a thing that makes me proud.
Enough for me to shout out loud.

Of all the things that I’ve had done.
This is the most outstanding one.
This rounded mound so cherry red.
Brought me back from the near-dead.

With a positive attitude.
I can now show my gratitude.
For I think I would have died.
Without this thing that’s on my side.

There’s nothing I can do or say.
To make this fact just go away.
I am so grateful to this thing.
For the life that it did bring.

It was so hard to have belief.
This rosebud could give me relief.
But now past suffering and pain.
For me will not come back again.

How could a thing that looks so small.
Create for me an overhaul.
For now my colon’s rearranged.
Everything in life has changed.

It did not come about by chance.
That I now run and I can dance.
Where once I felt so pitiful.
Now my life is wonderful.

I could not count the cost to me.
Before I had my ostomy.
But now it’s done I’ll tell the world.
How wondrously this thing’s unfurled.

B. Withers 2012

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Once again you inspire me to write ,its a lovely poem ty Bill for shareing tc ambies
Amen - Very Nice !
Love this poem! I try very hard to feel exactly like this every day when im having hard times! x
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