I used to write my poetry
before I had this ostomy.
Then, other things I could eschew
when that was all I had to do.

But when my operation came
For me it didn’t seem the same.
I felt so sorry for myself
my writing pad stayed on the shelf.

The ostomy took centre-stage
with nothing written on the page.
My motivation went downhill
for all the time that I was ill.

But it didn’t take too long
before I felt that this was wrong.
Then my active mind was asking
why was I not multi-tasking?

It’s not like this was new to me
for that was how I used to be
and if I multi-tasked before
I could multi-task some more.

So at myself I took a look
and off the shelf came my notebook
and then I wrote my poetry
whist tending to my ostomy.

But I’m convinced that the best bit
emerged with all the rest of it.
I realised that I could do
everything that I used to.

All of my negativity
made way for creativity.
So now I say when people ask
this is because I multi-task.

B. Withers 2014

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LOL, great job. And pretty darn quick. You must be a super multitasker!

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Hello Mrs A. Nowadays I've a need to capture the concept in the moment that it happens, otherwise I forget what the subject was and what I wanted to say about it. Sometimes that happens even in the middle of writing it. Oh! the joys of getting old!Best wishesBill
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