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There’s lots to thank my stoma for

if I ignore things I abhor.

Believe me, it improved my life

relieving me from former strife.

It diminished consternation

right alongside constipation.

It cut out all my rotten gut

and rectified my prolapsed butt.

It freed me from incontinence

that had come to prominence.

It took away my chronic pain

so I could live my life again.

I know my stoma made me glad

for stopping hassle that I had.

As I reflect I can recall

I’d not expect a life at all.

My stoma gave life quality

and with it a little jollity.

It is not easy to explain

the intricacies of my gain.

I have the type of ostomy

that they call colostomy.

This means I can mitigate

some hassles and can irrigate.

Well, this gets rid of all my waste

without the smell people distaste.

When all the poo’s gone in one go

then it’s all done and folks don’t know.

Now as I sit upon the loo

not only does my stoma poo

but I can use the time to do

a few more lines of rhymes for you.

B. Withers 2013

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that's it in a nutshell, thanks bill
Love it! Thank you
Love it! Thank you
Thanks guys for your comments - much appreciatedBest wishesBill
great poem, i love it. Cheers Bill.
Great poem.Got any more LOL
Thank you Peatbog and Diceman for your supportive comments. They really are much appreciated. Best wishes Bill
Diceman. If you want to read more verses on this subject then you will find plenty by going into my profile (just click on 'bill'- in blue at the top of this blog) and then look under the heading 'all blogs'. I hope you enjoy the read.Best wishes Bill
well done bill

Great, but for me the best thing is bringing the family together, the kindness of friends and the amazing nurses
Thank you blueonthetyne and taoh for your comments. I'm glad for you taoh that it has brought you these positive things. If I had such great experiences I would surely have put them to verse.However, there are so many people on this site who are supportive and friendly that any of those less than positive people we meet in daily life can be counterbalanced by those who show support. I will blog another verse 'defining friends'that tries to capture this sentiment. Best wishes Bill

Thanks Bill for your poems, it helps a lot.
Hello It certainly helps me when I write them and it is most gratifying to think that other people might enjoy reading them. so thanks for your feedback.Best wishes Bill
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