How we see our ostomy

There&rsquo;s folks with stomas I suppose<br />might view their stomas like a rose.<br />Soft, red, rounded bulbous too<br />but oft a rose won&rsquo;t smell like poo.<br><br>
Other&rsquo;s will see the best in them<br />like mothers don&rsquo;t their kids condemn.<br />No matter how this thing behaves<br />the stoma&rsquo;s master, they&rsquo;re the slaves.<br><br>
The stomas are collateral<br />damage that&rsquo;s unnatural.<br />Some people take them to their heart<br />and vow that they would never part.<br><br>
Perhaps affection&rsquo;s just as well<br />especially when this thing must smell.<br />For if you start to be averse<br />it may only make things worse.<br><br>
I know one man who thinks the stink<br />has brought him to the very brink.<br />He&rsquo;s tried so hard to keep control<br />but sees this thing as his hellhole.<br><br>
Another bloke explained to me <br />and spoke of creatures in the sea.<br />The feeder fish around a shark <br />struck a need and found the mark.<br><br>
Some would see it and beseech <br />it comes just like a sucking leech.<br />A thing that&rsquo;s stuck upon their side<br />that sucks the dung from deep inside.<br><br>
Whichever way you view this thing<br />you may not know what it might bring.<br />Would stomas see you have more strife<br />or could they be to save your life?<br><br>
B. Withers 2013<br><br>

It saved my life and I'm healthier than I have been in 20 years. Wish I had done the surgery sooner! No meds, I can shop, travel, play with my granddaughter and walk without worrying if I'm going to have an "accident"! No more being chained to my toilet! Life is good with my ostomy!

Hello countryatheart. Thanks for your post. It's good to hear when people such as yourself have seen that the benefits of having a stoma far outweigh the drawbacks. Let's hope that life continues to be good for your in every way.<br />Best wishes<br />Bill
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