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When faced with tricky situations,

solutions need investigations

into what is needed and

what will work for us first-hand. 

We need to turn into detectives,

to seek alternative perspectives

and find some ways around the blocks 

or make the keys to fit the locks.

In recent times, with one such block

I had a fairly minor shock, 

when sticky spray for stoma stuff

was stopped and we were told ‘that’s tough’.

Little else would fit the bill 

for those of us who still fulfil

the routines of the stoma life

complete with all the stress and strife.

How now to make the stoma bag 

stick to the skin so not to sag

or leak when we don’t want it to 

sometimes in public and in view.

As my enquiries unfurled

within the narrow stoma world,

I could not find the sort of glue

that I had used and was used to.

So, being me, I naturally

tried to think more laterally

and then the answer came to me

that previously I did not see.

A bag is not the only thing

that needs to stick and then to cling

to the body steadily

yet can be found quite readily.

Prosthetics are the way to go,

for surely folks who use them know

what’s good to stick them on their skin 

could be for stoma’s a win-win.

Prosthetics aren’t just legs and hands, 

for in that field one understands

that other things can also be

prosthetics for our poo and pee. 

Think of it, that Botox fits,

along with wigs and eyelash kits

and even contact lenses might 

be prosthetics for our sight. 

So, stoma bags and base-plates are

to be viewed as not that far 

from prosthetics now in use 

and so we know we may adduce.

With this, alternate point of view,

stoma devices are there to

be a prosthetic on our tum 

to catch the waste from our new bum.

Thus, it would seem legitimate

or us, when things so intimate,

need solutions others know 

should be the way that we could go.

I have a latex allergy,

so this is little use to me,

but silicone seems quite okay

and that is what I used today.

Although it has a different name

it sticks my base-plate just the same, 

so, in the future I will pick 

prosthetic adhesive for my stick. 

                                                   Be Withers 2022

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This is the product I tried last night and it seems to work for me! G626 Probond Secure Adhesive Pressure sensitive medical silicone adhesive. Dispersed in Silicone Solvent - Low odour. Retains adhesive qualities in the presence of moisture or perspiration. Apply a thin layer to prosthesis, allow to dry for 2-3 minutes. Press firmly into position. We recommend the G608 Probond Remover for use with this adhesive. Can be applied to prosthesis or directly to skin. 30ml Best wishes Bill
Love it!!!
UPDATE ON ADHESIVE EXPERIMENTATION: Just to bring you all up to date on the alternative adhesives (to 7730) I have tried so far: *Probond. This seems adequate for my needs and is relatively easy to apply to the device or the skin; *WRATH. PROS-aide 11. This a prosthetic adhesive which is similar to Probond but starts out white and turns clear when ready to stick.(or that's the theory!) It works about as well as Probond for stoma baseplates. * FUSION adhesive barrier application. Made by ProSys International and distributed by '' This is also a prosthetics adhesive but it seems to have more / better adhesive qualities than the other two mentioned. The description is as 'a non-sensitising and non-irritating combined barrier film and adhesive enhancer'. I feel that a disadvantage might be that it comes in single-use, 1ml sachets, with its own applicator. I suspect that this might make it more expensive to purchase. However, this was a product sent to me by the stoma nurse and presumably would not be chargeable on the NHS. A further up[date will follow if I get access to any more of these products. Best wishes Bill
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