Recovery and Gratitude: My Journey as an Ostomate


Done, I am now an ostomate. I am home with very little pain. I am walking but do tire quickly. Not much of an appetite, but try to eat in small snippets.

Prior to surgery, my wife talked to the surgeon about preserving the prostate nerves so we could hopefully have near-normal sex going forward. He did, but he cautioned us after surgery it cost him time and me blood. The loss of blood took me completely out for over 2 days. But, with 3 transfusions, I finally felt a little alive on Monday.

I got the pathology report as I was checking out. I am now cancer-free. Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes. It's all about healing and living from here on out.

Thumbs up to you! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
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ron in mich

Hi KS, it sounds like you had a good surgeon and you're on a path to a good life. Good luck.


Welcome to the club! My colectomy/ileostomy gave me my life back. Since you have an ostomy for the holidays, I must share this which was posted in the UOAA newsletter:
5 reasons it's awesome to have an ostomy during the holidays-


Good to hear you're cancer-free.

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Hi KS, and welcome to our exclusive club! You seem to be well on your way and your positive attitude will help you going forward. Good for you!


Blessings on being cancer-free and healing.


Happy for you! Many blessings for living your life!


Welcome to the club!!!!! I am a member for 31 years. It is a bit rough at first, but in time you will hardly know it's there most of the time. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations on being cancer-free!!


Congratulations on your fight to become cancer free! I also got that same great news in July, just 3 days before my birthday. After a 6-year fight myself. Good luck and best wishes for you and yours! ?????????????????????


I haven't figured out how to like comments, so consider all the comments liked by me.


I haven't figured out how to like a comment. So, consider them all liked by me.


Hi KS, for some reason 'blogs' will not let you 'like' a reply. Only the blog itself can be 'liked'. If you post a topic in the forum, however, you can 'like' a response to your post.



Hope you're still doing well!


Best of luck to you!

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