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An answer to a question you never asked


Most people when they think of the word tumescence they think of the Merriam-Webster definition: the quality or state of being tumescent. especially readiness for sexual activity marked especially by vascular congestion of the sex organs.

I'm sure it would not surprise many of you to know that it can also describe the behavior of a stoma particularly right before it begins to flow.

It doesn't matter whether it is a urostomy, ileostomy or colostomy. Just like your sex organs your stoma too can become engorged with blood as it begins to perform its job. This was true before you ever had an ostomy you just didn't get to see it and therefore didn't associate the sensation with the release of mucus and peristalsis. Mucus is of course to lubricate the passage of matter. And peristalsis is the medical term for the rhythmic contraction of muscles to move things along. 

Some men tell me they associate the sensation with their first erection when they were young boys. Because boys equipment is on the outside and easily visible it's not surprising they would associate the sensation with the event. Girls on the other hand may have experienced the sensation with regard to their sexual organs but may not have understood what was happening or even acknowledged it. Now that you have a stoma it's a whole other story it's a different place a different body part making that same sensation. It can be kind of strange at first but just realize that it is normal and typically happens when extra lubrication is required but some people experience it whenever they're stoma is active.

There aren't you glad that's normal?  Well normal for an ostimate.

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Thanks! Very informative. 🧐


Yes, interesting!  Maybe that is why, although there are many times that my stoma is being active and I'm not even aware of it, when I do feel it starting to work, and working, it is a pleasant feeling?



Apparently I left nursing school too soon before we covered this. Anatomy/physiology was my favorite subject to study. My brother keeps saying I should've gone back and become an NP or PA (he's an NP in neurology) but after medical trauma I don't like to spend much time around hospitals so my M.A. is in something completely unrelated 🙃


I have an ileostomy and I don't usually feel anything even as I am watching it when I'm changing. Only time I feel something is if I have eaten anything really bulky or fiborous or corn or when I have flatulence.

Maybe different with colostomy?


You sound like you are a nurse and can help me understand.  Is tumescence related to peegasm?  Someone told me that peegasms occur in both women and men.

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I'm impressed with anybody who's completed a master's degree in anything I was not able to complete my masters in nursing or anything else it's what prevents me from being a nursing instructor now.  But without an employer to foot the bill I just can't afford to pony up money for a master's degree in light of the fact depending on how dialysis goes over the next 5 to 20 years I may never actually have the opportunity to use it.  However learning and knowledge is never wasted I personally drink up any new education I can get.

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As I'm looking at jobs/ going back to work I'm debating do I do something just to make $ and volunteer doing something I love or wait and find something I love. I've been looking at something lately but pretty sure it might require me to get a social work license. Then there's the foster babies we do respite care for and there's one right now we're waiting on a paternity test to see which way his case will go, I'll have to text you the details of the baby's story- it's crazy! Then I'm dealing with US immigration getting them to sign off on basically what is visa stage 1- my M.A. actually helps in dealing with the international issues. About 1 year of working as a nanny in Chicago completely paid for my M.A. which was a 2 year program. But that time as a nanny seeing everyone's kids raised by nannies was what convinced me I wanted to be the one primarily with my kids especially when they were younger. When I'm at an appt or running errands or with a friend I still get constant texts or phone calls usually asking for something, sometimes it's asking when I'll be home 😉

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