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MEMORY IS LOOKING BACK.  I do it all the time, since that’s where my life is, and I have yet to suffer the fate of Lot’s wife and get turned into a pillar of salt.  In fact, I am always doing my best to avoid too much sodium, for health reasons.  Lot’s wife, who is not named in the bible, but is called Ado or Edith in the Midrash, may have been disobedient out of simple curiosity, or sadness at having to leave Sodom, or to see if relatives were getting out as well.  For whatever reason, she looked back and, KABATZ!, she was sodiumized.  There are all sorts of possible messages in this, not the least of which is…when God tells you not to look back, don’t look back.  But I’ve received no such godly edict, and so I will continue to flip back through the nooks and crannies of my memory at will without fear of some kind of heavenly transformation into NaCl, and if anyone criticizes me, I take it with a grain of salt.  


The picture of spilled salt reminded me of my mother who was somewhat superstitious. She said if you spill salt, it will bring you bad luck. So you need to take a pinch of the spilled salt and throw it over your left shoulder to cancel the bad luck. Works like a charm.

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Reply to SallyK

Yes, I remember that dumb superstition.  Why the left shoulder, I wonder?  This one is right up there with the black cat crossing your path.  At least the warning not to walk under ladders makes practical, realistic sense.  

ron in mich

Good morning. Ditto on the salt over the shoulder thing, but I just put it in/on everything.

Reply to SallyK

If you get it picked up quick enough, 5-second rule, put it back in the shaker thingy. Then smile every time somebody else uses it.

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Reply to AlexT

I have a dog, a cat.... There is no 5-second rule in my house. LOL

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