Symptoms of Partial Blockage After Eating Fried Food?


What are the symptoms for a partial blockage? I've had a new double-barreled jejunostomy which is highish output (average 1500ml). First time eating out on Saturday and completely forgot that fried food is a no-no. I had SF chicken burger, fries, and onion rings. Saturday night had stomach ache, woke up and emptied 670ml. By the end of the day, I was just over 2L. Could it just be fried food that's made me more active? Or could it be a partial blockage???


Could be food-related or a stomach bug. With a jejunostomy, if the meds you're taking to slow your output down aren't helping, you need professional medical advice. You will be dehydrating fast. As you're in the UK, if it were me, I would be phoning 111. Or if you think it can wait until tomorrow, contact your stoma nurse.

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Hi, I'm not familiar with a jejunostomy and how it differs from an ileostomy. Pain and little to no output would be the common signs of a partial blockage. Why would fried food be a no-no? I've not heard that before. I eat anything and everything, and as long as I keep well hydrated and chew my food really well, I'm fine. If it cleared out, it could just be that it was indigestion from what you ate?


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What I think Ben is getting at is how high up is your surgery? If it's too high up, the bile that comes from your gallbladder cannot break down the amount of fat in a deep-fried meal. However, there are supplements you can take, just like people who are lactose intolerant take an anti-lactose medication when they eat or drink dairy products. I do not know exactly which products are available in the UK.

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My meds work great and have put on nearly 20 kg since being discharged in November. I don't know why, but I had a complete blank when out with friends for eating. Then I remembered after devouring this deep-fried meal that I should stay away from deep-fried and onions. The only thing that was making me worry about blockage was watery output; mine is on the watery side due to what stoma I have. My belly feels more upset than painful, from what I can remember an upset belly feeling like??

I've tried to answer both replies here.

Thank you so much for your replies, very grateful for you taking the time to reply to a worried new ostomate :)

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Is a blockage the same as an obstruction or is that two separate issues? When my mom was hospitalized, she had bad acid reflux and was throwing up. They did a CAT scan and found she had an obstruction. The hospitalist doctor explained an obstruction is kind of like a garden hose that gets kinked and hopefully it could get unkinked on its own. My mom was not allowed to eat anything by mouth and thankfully the obstruction did resolve on its own.

Is watery output really a sign of a blockage? I just assumed it was hardly any output, nausea, pain but I'm still confused on this subject. Any signs of what to look out for?

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A blockage and an obstruction are the same thing. I find that healthcare professionals use the word obstruction, and we mortals usually say blockage. Either term can mean a kink in the bowel, or something in the bowel that gets stuck and isn't moving. Watery output doesn't indicate a blockage. Some people have watery output all the time. It's just that if you are someone who doesn't normally have watery output and all you are getting is no output, or a very little output that is watery, it can be an indication of a blockage, i.e., only a little watery stuff is able to get through. I hope this makes sense!


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This makes perfect sense. Thank you as always.

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