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Very Curious-how do illeostomy patients empty bags

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I have to say, were I tall, I would but brag!  😂🤣 I crack my own dang self up!

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Haha same here! I stand and I feel funny when I come out because I feel like they knew I was standing like a guy. And I rinse lol!! All that splash! I've never turned my shoes around though but once I was in an urgicare waiting to be seen and asked if I could use the restroom. I was rinsing my bag and the nurses at the desk are banging on the door asking if I'm ok. When I came out they are asking if I'm vomiting. I'm laughing and saying no I have an Ostomy and I was rinsing. 
Since that day, whenever I start a new job because the business I'm in you get sent to different homes. I always wonder if they think I'm vomiting when I'm rinsing. 


I saw a picture of a disabled toilet in Japan where they have special ostamy toilets where you stand before them and hoses to wash the bag out.

So I converted my stainless steel laundry trough to do the same.

Its all going into the same drain system as the toilets. I built a small platform to stand on to  suit my bag height and have a flexible hose to wash out my bag every time.  Being stainless steel it's really easy to keep clean and I do my bag changes there too.

When out and about I have to neel down in front of the toilet as I'm a man and parts of me hang into a bowl when sitting , I carry a disposable water bottle and flush the bag out every time. If you run out of water while doing this just flush the loo and fill up the bottle while it's flushing.

Sounds a bit gross but really it's all just water. Chuck the bottle in the bin after.

Before the laundry trough idea I fitted bidet type hoses to both of my home toilets, these hang beside the bowl and have trigger type nozzles, they work a treat too.

Cheers Ian.

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We had a good discussion about Japanese public ostomy toilets on here a while back.  They really embrace ostomates in Japan and have come up with some very innovative toilets that cater to us.  We just can't get them here.  So improvise we must.  Good job Twoma!!


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Haha Hisbiscus!  We just go through more because an ostomy is a tougher thing to talk about than a migraine headache for example. I hear you, sister.🤗

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