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I have had an ileostomy for over 40 years and consider myself pretty well versed in dealing with issues as they arise. I would not consider myself overweight and in fact have lost a few pounds over the past year. Recently I have been having difficulty with leakage. Fatty deposits above my stoma have produced a noticeable bulge and resulted in some adherence issues, hence the leakage. The stoma is on the right side, where the bulge is evident. The left side of my stomach does not have this bulge. Has anyone used lipo to successfully removed fat around the stoma or otherwise successfully dealt with a like issue? If so, I would appreciate your feedback.

You sure it's fat and not a hernia?

Really sound like a hernia ..check with your doctor.

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Sure sounds like a hernia to me, especially as you say it's only on one side.


Hi the,

I'd tend to agree with everyone above in that you need to make sure what you're dealing with is really fat and not a hernia. But if you've already done that and are sure it's fat.......I'm not sure you'll find a Dermatologist who'd want to try to remove fat so close to your stoma. Every Derm I've met to discuss skin issues with my barrier was pretty clueless about ostomies........and generally didn't know how to deal with such things. So if you do proceed with the lipo......make sure they know what the heck they're doing. What I'd be concerned with is why is there a fat buildup in that area specifically.......because if you don't know that, and have lipo to remove the fat.....it could just come right back as a fatty area. Lipo only works if you understand why the fat formed there in the first place, as repeated lipo in the same area will deform that area. So tread lightly here and have the conversation with your Derm about what happens if the fat returns........and why it's accumulating there in the first place.


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G-Day, After going through a Parastomal Hernia operation last August I would probably say 90 Hernia. Go see your Surgeon and get it fixed. Regards IGGIE

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