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Anybody having problems with Hollister Lock N Roll bags?


i used to have them for 13 years till i got the new coloplast and i am knocking on wood know cause i am saing no problems like the hollister gave me i have had some sides split not sealed to the same having small holes in the bag to also the waffers having a weak plastic like you i called and they sent me some samples to cover till next order

good luck

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I've had my bag for two years and the only problem I had was the seam on the side of the bag near the top. When I contacted Hollister, they were very helpful. They asked me for the order date, bag type, lot number and a photo and they sent me 10 new bags no questions asked.


Hi Guys,

  Thanks for the replies.  I think I FINALLY got this figured out.  When they assemble the bag the Lock N Roll part is a separate piece from the bag.  They heat bond it to the bag with some sort of adhesive.  The corner where I keep seeing the small tear is initially bonded to the Lock N Roll piece.  But due to the weight of whatever is in the bag pulling on those corners, the adhesive gives out and those corners are no longer bonded to the bag.  Because the heat and adhesive weaken the plastic of the bag where they are attached, once the corner(s) lift off they expose a weakened area of the bag.  And this is where I'm getting my leaks.  This became apparent with this last bag I used.  When I put it on I checked the corners of the Lock N Roll part very carefully......and it was entirely bonded to the bag.  I'm talking about the square corners shown in the pics above.  Seeing that this part of the seal was supposed to be bonded to the bag I just assumed the leaking bags I had were not properly bonded.  But I see now, after a day or so of wearing what looked like a correctly bonded bag, that the corners of the seal have lifted, and there's a sticky residue on the underside of the seal in those corners.  So they were longer are.......and the plastic of the bag in the area was weakened by the failed bonding.  Now if Hollister would just get in touch with me like they said they would......I'll explain it to them.  Seems to be an assembly or material flaw on their part.  Might be time to look to Sensura again for a different system. 


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