I hear on here how people are washing out their bag and trying to get more days out of them than they are designed for. And some say how dear things are and they can't afford them. I have told you before in Australia everything is totally free, the Government made it all free many many years ago. You ALL have to lobby your local Government as well as your Federal Government. Get as many signatures that you can and do it Big Time. It all starts with the first person to take this seriously. Come on Guys dont just laugh this off saying they won't do it. They won't if you do nothing about it. Regards IGGIE

That is so wonderful that you get all your supplies free. Ostomy products are so expensive. I am with Kaiser HMO and the product are free( I only pay if I need extra items)but in the past I had to pay a 500 to 1500..before any type of coverage for ostomy products were covered by my insurance..and the usual coverage was discounts of 20.

Hi All

Likewise, here in the UK all ostomy supplies are free, whatever your financial situation and no insurance is necessary. Also in the UK, having an ostomy makes you eligible to have free prescriptions for any physical and mental health medications and appliances - if under the ag of 60, and on reaching 60, everyone automatically becomes eigible to have all their prescriptions for free.


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Agree always worth trying.

I'm lucky living in the UK we have the NHS so for the time being we're spoilt for choice in what ostomy products we can have, unfortunately our government have run our NHS into the ground even nurse's are saying the NHS wont exist in another 2 years then we will be in the same position as many other members on here across the globe needing insurance or pay for the supplies ourselves.

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Helo Maried,

You say you get them free but how much do you pay for your insurance??? Regards IGGIE

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Medical insurance approx. 160.00 a month thru my employer..the .medical coverage prices here in the US have become more and more expensive. When my kids were little and I was married the same coverage was 260.00 a month for a family of 4 and visits to the Doctor were 10 and 20 per visit...now visits are 40 to 60...so I guess you can say my supplies are included in my medical coverageprice. Which is nice for me.

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Hi William15 and All,

I also am in the UK. Just to remind everyone that although we do not pay as individuals for our stoma products and other medical bits and pieces, we do have an extra tax in the UK that working people pay called National Insurance, that in theory is where the money comes from. Elwick

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In UK National Insurance tax is taken from your wages from the start of you working in paid employment . This is how the NHS is funded ...every adult contributes. It also goes towards your State Pension. Even if you are on State UnemploymentBenefits ...the state then adds NI contributions towards pension etc. Of course the Government puts money into the NHS too but not enough as the Tory party would rather sneak in privatisation ...is anti unions and would rather feed the wealth of rich privateers and their like than help the needy. Hence the nurse n doctor strikes in England.

Hope that explains it

I can not believe that not one American said they would do something to get their Government to give all American Ostomates free access to there Ostomy Products. It's only the English people making comments'. Come on America get off your Ass and start the Ball Rolling or are you waiting for someone else to do it all for you.

Well, that was a total waste of time.

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I found reading your post the comments very interesting I am in the US. I like the idea that we could do a petition to see about getting supplies for free, but the way our health system works, petitioning our government probably won't do much. What is allowed what each person pays depends completely dependent upon each person's insurance policy.... that seems to apply even when it comes to Medicare (for those who have reached their retirement age of 65 over, as well as, those who have been on social security disability for more than 3 yrs). Medicare does limit how much a person is allowed anything over that is not covered at all...that's 100 on the ostomate. However, there's "regular" Medicare then there are tons of Medicare Advantage insurance to choose fromso co-pays deductibles are different depending upon insurance carrier whichever plan option a person chooses. We don't have anything that is consistent and/or unified....it's just a whole different kind of system than the NHS or similar.

Hello,American citizen responding. Only reason I'm still working at age 65 is to keep really good, but expensive company provided medical benefits for my wife I. I don't want to have Medicare as my only option if I retired. All Medicare plans are individual policies. My wife is 3 years younger than me and does not work. My company does offer retiree medical insurance, but it's too expensive to be a realistic option when on a fixed income.

Writing letters to our politicians is a waste of time unless we enclose large campaign contribution checks. Simply sending sad letters and petitions describing our dismal healthcare choices and tales of eventual poverty from sky high premiums and co-pays, would only elicit a chuckle from our entrenched kingpins, then be summarily tossed in the round file (trash).

Growing old, middle class, in America is a game of chance and genetics. We can plan and save money. But when we're on a fixed income, then develop an expensive disease or condition... cue the cat food for dinner. Example:I recently was taken by paramedics to the hospital. Spent a day and a half there in a semi private room. Had the usual blood tests, IV. Turns out I was dehydrated. Got the bill 2 weeks later... 31,000, and that didn't include the scans. Thank goodness the hospital was "in network" and my insurance hadcontracted rates with them. Otherwise I would be facing a huge bill. Largest cause of bankruptcy in the US is medical bills. Asking our elected officials to help us is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Take care,


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