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Burning and Itching


When your skin turn red after removing adhesive. ( I do use adhesive remover ) What do you guys do for the itching and burning? Does Benadryl help? I also cut my stoma on the wafer and it bleed profusely… I guess it's gonna be fine.

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Does it turn red like this every time? Have you tried a different adhesive remover?  Benadryl will help, but if this is an ongoing issue, I would try to change products.  Sorry about the bloody stoma, they're sensitive little buggers.

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I know I barely knocked it and you would think I cut it off. I will try the Benadryl thank you for the help

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How long does it stay red like that?


I have to stop putting the extenders on and in about a week it stops

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I don't normally use the extender thingys but every once in awhile my cloth edge will start to come off, usually in the shower, and I'll put one on just for extra precaution til I change my bag. Those extender thingys make my skin itch and turn red too. Not quite as bad as yours but I can still tell/see the difference. The Benadryl might help at the moment but IMO you'd be better off changing something with your setup. Who wants to continually take medication if you don't have to? 🤷‍♂️ 

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It takes a week for the redness to go away after taking off the extenders?


It almost looks like more of chemical burn to me than allergic reaction. If I find it I'll have to show you this picture of my daughter wrapped up like a mummy so they could figure out what was causing her skin reactions.  Have you tried a Dombero soak on the area? It's an otc. Not sure where you're from… I know places like Walgreens, Walmart have it around me. 


Press the red inflamed skin with your finger if it stay's red chances are it's an allergic reaction to the adhesive, if so the only way so solve the problem is to use another product.

If you can go a week without using extenders do you have any problems with flange coming unstuck when you not using them? just a thought to see if you really need them or there just for peace of mind and help you feel confident  in yourself.


Kinda looks more like a reaction to the skin cleaner and prep to me. I found out early on that my skin reacts violently to the skin prep and the cleaner. Stopped using them altogether, appliances stay better, unless of course I have really loose stools for more than a day. The best thing I've found for the skin is almost any sugar scrub, not only helps clean, but also helps heal, I use a hemp based brand (can't remember the name, typically the 'ol wally world carries it)

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The Benadryl may help with the itchy feeling but if it's a chemical ‘burn' it's not going to make that redness go away. I think your skin is pretty ticked at whatever the ingredients in those extenders are. Have an ostomy nurse you can call to ask about different products? 

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Yes the crusting trick is a good one. However, I have suffered from repeated irritation, blisters, etc under my ostomy pouch. 
I have found the holy grail for me and would love to share! 
I get the powder spray Lotrimin and when I change my pouch, I spray it all over- then pat it with my no sting barrier wipes- it has worked wonders. Basically, for irritation I was told to use miconazole powder, which is used for athlete's foot and other lovely things. But the powder just falls off. The spray powder stays in place and gives a cooling sensation! Works great!


I shower and wash the whole area with soap and water. I let the water cool down the itching. Jan 2010 was mine. When it has become inflamed, I've used Bactine. I've also used witch hazel and alcohol. But they dry out the skin and burn like hell for a few minutes. I've also used a vibrator to stimulate the area when I can't get a shower. Vibration I have found helps with the pain and itching. 


Also do not use barrier removal stuff when taking off the pouch. I use adhesive spray and while it's wet, I remove the appliance. 


As stated earlier, if it's constant u may want to try diff remover or wafer.
I usually use caladryl clear and aloe for skin issues (sometimes benadryl) and they work for me. 
good luck


It looks like the 'barrier strips' are an issue as it looks more red where they would touch your skin? I only use them as a precaution when I go golfiing just in case. Best wishes.

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Have you tried stoma powder? If you use Benadryl try a gel rather than cream or your barrier may not stick.

Also, I use precut barriers so there are no rough edges to nick the stoma.


I use warm water and a little dove sop to take my adhesive tape off. Use earm water only on your stoma. Be very gentle cause the sto.a can bleed. When my skin is irritated I use the powder and the wipes. See if that helps.


Hi there, skin looks very irritated :(   I had an itchy, red rash from the beginning of time and have to take very good care of my skin for over 20 years. I am fine as long as I am diligent on every single appliance change! 

Never use any products that contain alcohol!!! Wash skin gently with luke warm water (no soap) and a soft cotton round (cotton ball). Use ConvaTec-Niltac to remove any stubborn leftover adhesive if necessary. To get the rash under control initially, see a doctor or dermotogist to get a prescription for a topical steroid cream. Apply very small thin layer and let dry well (5 minutes) before applying anything else on top. Wrap the stoma with bit of tissue to keep skin dry while you wait. Long term use of steroids thins the skin. I eventually replaced the steroid cream with a safer cream called Elidel 1% (Pimecrolimus). I use it every time I change appliance for years now.  It's important to put clothes on right away for the pressure to help the appliance adhere to the skin. Until the rash is under control, apply Eakin Cohesive skin barrier after applying steroid cream. Then apply the flange etc...

Once the rash is mostly improved and you are no longer using Easkin skin barriers, continue with prescription Elidel cream, then apply alcohol free 3M Cavilon no sting barrier film, alcohol free Colopast Brava Strip Paste, Coloplast Easiflex Flange and Pouch.

Never change 2 days in a row as it is hard on the skin. I go 6 days between changes. If I get a small irritated spot, I will use zinc cream (diaper rash product) just on that little area. I find that heat, direct sun and too much sugar in my diet causes candida and flares the skin. 

I sure hope something listed above helps you. I've been where you are and it is very painful and concerning. I no longer have this problem thanks to Elidel cream and alcohol free products. Good luck :) 


I guess the question is whether it is a reaction to the adhesive or if it’s from leaking stool or a fungus.  For fungal issues, I’ve used Nystatin prescribed by a doctor.  When I get stool-related redness and sores, I use Stomahesive powder and spray it around the area before using my barrier wipes. Stomahesive powder reacts to any moisture and helps heal.  If you have an issue with the adhesive of the wafer, you may have to check out other brands to find one with a material for sensitive skin.


Whenever the skin gets red (usually after a blowout), I use calamine lotion after I clean the area. I wait until it dries (maybe a minute) before I put the new pouch on. Works on me like a charm and never any problem with the adhesive from the pouch sticking to it. Hope that helps.

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I also use calamine lotion and after it has dried, I apply stoma powder. It definitely helps.

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