Skin Irritation, blisters, etc under pouch


I have suffered from repeated irritation, blisters, etc under my ostomy pouch. The crusting method is ok when it's not bad- but
I have found the holy grail for me and would love to share!
I get the POWDER spray Lotrimin (make sure to not get the liquid spray) and when I change my pouch, I spray it all over- then pat it with my no sting barrier wipes- it has worked wonders. Basically, for irritation I was told to use miconazole powder, which is used for athlete's foot and other lovely things. But the powder just falls off. The spray powder stays in place and gives a cooling sensation! Works great!

Hi Ollie could it be from the adhesive on the wafer and have you tried a differant brand to see if you get the same reaction?

also, W30bob had this issue as well. he found some solutions. Hopefully he'll comment here, but if not, try searching his posts.

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Hi Ollie,

If Lotrimin works for you it means you have a fungal infection of your skin. Fungus comes in a lot of varieties, as do the meds used to kill them. If the fungus comes back and you have to keep applying Lotrimin then you're not killing it completely, just beating it back a bit. But regardless, if it has any need an antifungal. Blisters usually indicate something different, as that's more inline with a bacterial infection. Of course you could have multiple things going on. You didn't mention why you have an ostomy, but if it's IBD related there's a strong chance you have an overgrowth of Candida that's causing your problem. I'd suggest you see a dermatologist, who can swab the area and have the lab confirm exactly what you've got going on. If that's not possible you can step thru the anti-fungals to see if any of them completely cure the problem. Here's a link to the types of anti-fungals and what they kill. The active ingredient in Lotrimin is can see it listed in the Azoles list, the second one down. I use Nystatin liquid every time I change my barrier as a preventative. It's much easier to prevent a fungus outbreak than to kill and existing one, so for me it's worth the extra 20 seconds or so. If you get stuck, just shout!


Go see dermatologist. I recommend duo derm. I believe thats whats its called... it soaks up all blistering wetness, so wafer can stick. But dermatologist can take skin sample see what's wrong.

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Duo derm. Like a wafer even looks like one. It soaks up the wateryness. It goes on your skin underneath the wafer. I'd go see a dermatologist I did. She took piece of skin to test find out what to give me.

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