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So my husband just had his Ostomy and is passing gas but nothing else. They given him stool softeners, laxatives, prune juice, and even a suppository via his stoma (had no idea they could do that) and nothing. How long after does it take? Doctor says eveything looks fine but he's starting to go down the rabbit hole of why did I do this ect. Thanks

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May I ask what type of surgery he had/reason for ostomy and what type of ostomy?

He's not throwing anything back up right? Is there any liquid being excreted into the bag?

Have they given him Reglan or something long that starts with an A to jump start his intestines?

He needs to keep hearing everything will be ok right now if verbal reassurance is something that is helpful to him. Gas is a really good thing

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My first thought was that gas is good, too. As long as he's moving, passing that gas and being told that everything looks ok, I think he can be reassured, especially while his mind is going other places i.e. regret. You posted yesterday - is today any better?


Question.. is he still in the hospital?It's good he is passing gas .. is he having any stomach or intestinal pain?


Yep he's still in the hospital and has passed has a couple of times but just not having any bowel movements. They've been trying for HOURS to get a GI doctor to take a lookcentscents. His X ray showed no blockage.

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He has anal cancer and the tumor was blocking. It's a temporary colostomy with everything still in tack. Not throwing up at all and other than a very little bit of blood no fluid in the bag. All ask about the Reglan if/when they ever get the on call GI Doctor to show up. Thanks !!!


Hi Harvey has he eaten anything of substance like pasta or mashed potatoes or is he still on liquids, its the chewing and swallowing of food that usually gets the gut moving, also chewing gum.

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Is he getting up and walking ? Walking is good. If he isn't having any output stay to liquids, if he has pain and discomfort switch to just water , I am hoping they still have an IV with fluids in him. Did they do a CT scan or an x-ray?


Harvey, how are things today?


Hi need to change experiences

WY not


Doing fine and feelings very good hope you as well


Hey Harvey,

So when I had my surgery I was producing nothing but bile for over a week. So I believe it was day 10 then put a tube down my throat to empty all the fluid. I had the tube down my throat for about 24 hours and then I had my first bm. Hope his has resolved without needing that.

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