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Hey all,

I'm about 5 months post surgery with a temp Ileostomy. I've noticed my mucus output over the last months range from none for a few days to multiple times a day.

Has anyone learned the connection between mucus formation and let's say, food and drink habits? Or any reason?

After a few nights in a row of enjoying some alcoholic drinks (that typically lead to a hangover), I'll typically see an increase of mucus output. No urgency or anything, just that build up of pressure until released. It's more annoying than anything. Sometimes 3-5 times in a day

When I don't drink, eat better, and exercise, it appears I can go days or even more than a week without needing to pass mucus.

I'm just trying to figure it all out. My Ileostomy and my rectum are completely separate so I'm just wondering how one May impact the other without being attached. I know the body does some weird shit, so just curious if anyone has any knowledge on this.



Remind me what type of ileostomy you have?

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Temp end Ileostomy

Mysterious Mose

I hit that stage at about the same time as you. 4+ months. Nothing for a day or two and then a few times a day. At 6+ months, I pass rectal fluid/mucus 1 to 3 times a day. My understanding is that will continue as long as I have my ileostomy.


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Interesting. Did you ever find that it changed based on eating/drinking habits?

it's just strange that my frequency is tied to the amount of alcohol I drink. Hahah

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Mysterious Mose
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It's doesn't really change based on my diet. Can't attest to alcohol, as my alcohol consumption is usually limited to a pilsner or two on Thanksgiving.

The rectal discharge is your basically your rectum greasing the way for the output from your nonexistent colon. Could very well be that alcohol has an effect on that, I suppose.


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Crazy stuff. Maybe it's a sign to slow down on the booze. Haha


Hi Danno

I don't drink alcohol so that rules that out for me anyway. My 2c says it just the digestive system firing up to process what you have just eaten. So I guess that means you can drink more !!


It's the process of your body. It's sloth and mucus that is created in your rectal stump. The sloth is best exy would be like a snake shed it's skin .. in your rectum your body creates new cells of your rectum lining and the old comes off ..sloth, then you also have mucus which is there in everyone's body that is the body's natural lubricant to help slide out stool when you have a bowel movement. So everyone that uses a toilet all the sloth and mucus comes out with a bowel movement.. since we use a beautiful one of a kind, state of the art ,fabulous life saving bag . And aren't connected to the rectum, we have output in the bag but the mucus and sloth is still being produced if you still have a rectum and anus and it still has to come out. Unless you have had your rectum stump and anus removed (barbie butt)or if you have just had your rectum stump removed. Everyone's body is dy too some have a lot, some have it everyday some have it every couple weeks and some a couple months still it comes out.


i have rectal discharge very often. before my colostomy i did have ibs so i was thinking it could be related to that also i guess it is related to what and how much you eat ...if you eat less then less muscus??


Well, the mucous discharge continues it seems. I have a colostomy and barbie butt for over a year and I have developed on outlet (?) near the former rectum which outputs an odiferous material. I'm told that there's no sign of a fistula, been there done that, but I shower and sitz bath several times a day because I'm so sensitive to odors now. Wish sometimes I could just plug my nose and forget about it.


Assuming you have an intact rectum, rectal drainage sporadically is normal.

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I also have a Colostomy but have not done the barbie but yet was only going to do it to stop the mucus production. Because that's what I have been told that by removing the lower colon below the colostomy it would stop the mucus production. What do the doctors say about the continued discharge?


Hi Papa. We are having another look at this issue now. I am not working yet so controlling the odor is doable at home, but the constant diaper rash feeling is a real bummer. I'm having another CT scan soon to see if this really is a fistula-prior scans don't seem to show it but a closer look seems in order. Seems to me that the mucous should be going into the bag.

Anyhow, frequent bathing and lots of Calmoseptine, and I really shouldn't complain because me still being here is a bit of a miracle.

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