Stoma Leakage and Nausea: Seeking Solutions


Hi all,

I have had my stoma since May of 2021. I have had many issues unfortunately with leakage and skin rawness. I honestly feel like I am losing my mind. It seems no matter how differently I cut my hole (larger, smaller) for some reason at the bottom of the appliance where it meets the stoma, there seems to always be a hole that opens up and lets leakage through. I tend to have to change my appliance every other day it seems. I have tried different diets, but no matter how or what I eat it seems that the stool comes out hard at first then it turns to a soft diarrhea for the next outputs (2 or 3 minutes later). I am constantly nauseous and I have deemed that it seems I get this nausea whenever I feel like I am going to expel. Has anyone else dealt with this? Do you have a solution? UGH


Hi, that's a lot to deal with for two straight years. It sounds like that part of the barrier below your stoma isn't making a good seal against your skin. Does your stoma curve at all or does it stick straight out? Is it flush? Do you have a skin dip (a dimple where the skin is not flat) there where the seal hits your skin? Is it on a spot of your abdomen that changes when you bend over? Have you tried a convex wafer or barrier extenders? I'm sorry for the questions but it doesn't sound like the size of the hole that you cut; it sounds like the lack of seal in that spot. I'm sure a lot of other ostomy detectives on here will chime in!

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Hi Beatles, from what you say I would suggest trying a Seal under the Wafer. "Eakin Cohesive Seals" is the name and it is a solid disc with a pre-cut hole for your Stoma. It is about 4 inches across, about the same as the Wafer. The Seal is made of the same material that is used to treat Diabetic Ulcers. It is very soft and very sticky. This should fill any stray gap between Wafer and skin.

This Seal will help heal any skin damage and skin also. You will get more days of wear also.

I rarely have a problem since I started using these Seals.

I hope that was of some use to you.


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When I first got my stoma, I was told I should use a convex wafer. After a year or so, I finally got in to see a stoma nurse and she said I shouldn't be wearing convex, flat should be fine. So I switched to that. I will try to go back to a convex wafer. Anything is worth a shot. Thank you.


Hi again. I forgot to mention the Convex Wafer. I think the Convex Wafer is better for most stomas. In my experience, there is no real reason not to use them. What I like about the Hollister Convex One Piece is that it has a stiff plastic layer. This pushes down around the edge of the stoma and is really great at preventing the stinky stuff from seeping under the wafer, causing the wafer to lift, a leak soon follows.

I would recommend using the Convex Wafer, they really work very well. I get an average of about 5 days without the barrier breaking down and leaking.

I hope something works for you but from my many years of experience using them, I think this wafer works best, for one piece or two pieces, and I've tried both Convex and flat. Flat was always a disaster waiting to happen.


How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I would not hesitate to consult a stoma therapist for help. What works for one of us may or may not work for you.

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Thanks. I have an appointment on July 19