Vicks VapoRub for Stoma Irritation Relief

Jul 12, 2023 12:46 am

Vicks Fix

Irritated skin around my stoma is always a result of not snugging up the appliance to the stoma. This happens on occasion when I am not diligent about a snug fit. I recently discovered that a dab of Vicks VapoRub (mom's cure-all when I was a kid) on the irritated skin around my stoma provides immediate relief and overnight healing. May not be for everyone but works for me so thought I'd share. Once I apply the Vicks, I cover it with stoma powder and then tap a barrier wipe on top. I have not experienced any seepage when doing this. jb

Jul 12, 2023 4:50 am

Hi Just,

Makes sense because the eucalyptus and menthol in Vicks are anti-inflammatory and should help your skin calm down. But stay clear of Vicks if your skin is broken or bleeding. In those cases, the camphor in it will quickly be absorbed by your skin, and you run the risk of camphor poisoning. Not to mention it won't feel very good either. But Vicks is one of those old-time miracles. My grandmother was never without her little blue bottle of Vicks Vaporub with the light green lid. She put it on everything!!


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Jul 12, 2023 2:06 pm
Reply to w30bob

Yes, sir Bob.... And thanks for the heads up to our ostomate buddies-

As a side note - before applying, I consulted my old friend Google to review possible issues with this practice. That's the reason I included "may not be for everyone". After the plethora of medications I was given after my surgery and the consequences of those... I find momma knew best after all. I am down to a B12 daily and a Vicks application when needed around my stoma - yeah, I may shuffle my mortal coil tomorrow but I've had a good run. . jb

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Jul 12, 2023 8:05 pm

Good old Vicks! Great tip JB, thanks!


Jul 16, 2023 2:21 pm

When I was at Johns Hopkins, a nurse sprayed Flonase on my irritated skin. It worked great. Expensive but if it works, I'll take it.

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Jul 16, 2023 8:04 pm
Reply to Simonseznow

Yes, Flonase works, but you need to know that Flonase contains cortisone, which thins the skin, so it should be used cautiously and not on a regular basis.


Jul 16, 2023 11:00 pm
Reply to w30bob

I was told by many ostomy nurses and my doctor NEVER to put anything greasy around my stoma or belly as the wafer would not stick. So this is confusing! ;But I might try it. Thanks!

Jul 17, 2023 12:02 pm
Reply to AllieKIM

And I was told by "professionals" to allow 1/8" skin between stoma and pouch opening...and that is exactly where my problem I have said in previous posts- there is nothing quite like the fine folks on this site with "on-the-job" experiences. We are all different and need to carefully explore any ideas and/or products suggested on this forum. The Vicks-fix works for me and I hope it is useful for others as well. Thanks for your comment :) ;jb

Jul 23, 2023 5:57 pm

Vicks sounds aggressive to put around the stoma. Whenever I have a skin issue there, I use calamine lotion and let it dry before putting anything back on. It's soothing and quickly heals the area.