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So i had my Ostomy right after my 18th birthday and after I graduated high school, I have a genetic dietary which caused a temporary pouch, my dad had he surgery before me and I thought okay I got this. I don't got this im scared. For a couple days I was sick cause of a bug and now im fine, but when I emptied my bag it looked like black stuff in my bag and so when I was cleaning it after I emptied it, the black stool was actually dark green. I just don't know what that means or if it's bad, which I haven't been in pain and if I have I can't tell because I've been having menstrual cramps. So, may I please have my question answered?

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Hello C

Can't make much of your history here. However, for mine, green output is bile, produced by the liver, usually occurs when there is very little food in your system and often in the morning. Sounds like what you are describing however, if in doubt, always run it by your doctor's.

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I have fap it affects my colon so I had to get my large intestine removed and I have to wear a temporary pouch for 6-8 weeks and then I get a reversal done, but thank you axel you helped ease my mind a little.

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Are you getting a J-pouch? Or different type of reversal?


Color of output can vary from medical issues but also what you eat. Beets can turn output red but some foods and candy go in one color and leave a different color. Grape popsicle can come out different colors depending on the food coloring used and gummy bears can do the same.

What have you eaten during the time frame your output was that color? The comment on the bile is a good one especially if your are not eating a lot.


What you are describing can be caused by food moving very quickly through your system and coming out green (from bile as Axl said) because it didn't have time to turn brown. During the process of digestion, as the food moves through your small intestine, it is turned from green to brown. It's not uncommon, especially with ileostomies for stool to pass through so quickly that this doesn't happen. I get it fairly often, especially if I've consumed more liquid, or fruit, than usual, and things move through me really quickly.



I once wrote a post about this - -it was a long time ago and it was entitled 50 SHADES OF GREEN

I believe most of the replies at that time were very much the same as those you are receiving. To this day almost 3 years now, I still have 50 shades of not only green but all colors....I don't think there is anything to worry about unless it is really really black in which case I would call my surgeon ;- even reds are usually beets or other foods or drink.
once I actually passed a full blown capsule of a vitamin I was taking - jb


Same thing happened to me after I got home from surgery. I was freaking out! Doc said the dark green is from the bile and the food moving thru the system too quickly, plus all the antibiotics could be contributing to that dark green as well. He said it was normal but you should check with your doc too to ease your mind. Mine went away after a week or so.

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Hi I have FAP too, I am 8 weeks post ileo, on Chemo for 3-6 cycles...Wasn't expecting that slap either!!! 

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