Any Medics or Surgeon Ostomate Members on this Site?

Oct 07, 2023 1:31 pm

I wondered whether we have any ostomate members who are also surgeons or medics on this site?


I sometimes figure that for those medics and surgeons who have wound up with their own ostomies, owing to professional expertise/knowledge, they are not necessarily drawn to such forums or places of interchange such as an Ostomate's Resource.

It would be lovely to know otherwise - there may be wisdom in not publishing the professional element of such a profile as one may become a 'first go-to' and life would be rather overwhelming.

However, the in-depth knowledge and the very real challenge of becoming a patient in such a context must be a unique challenge.

A number of members do work within the medical profession and support environments - and such caring individuals are often known to have their own personal related experiences - both during their working life and subsequently.

I have been thinking that there is a particular 'balance' which may bring a unique open perspective - for if, as a professional clinician, one has devoted one's service to patients and colleagues - there may be a different innate understanding that may be shared through such individuals.

Mentors come in unusual circumstances - when we least expect a special and unique sharing.


Best wishes for a lovely day.


It is a fine sunny weekend in Pembrokeshire - around the west coast of the UK.




Oct 07, 2023 2:06 pm

There are some nurses and ostomy-specific nurses. There are some doctors/surgeons as well, but I'll let them identify themselves if they want to. 😁

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Oct 07, 2023 3:58 pm

Hello CrappyColonDiaries

Thanks for your comment.

When I joined MAO back in 2015, there used to be a search facility at the top right of the screen. This was a useful tool and acted as a general word search - useful for topic and subject-led discussion, but it has not been there for a while now.

I noticed the 'cog' tool icon and within it, I saw 'saved searches' - but when I went to my 'saved searches', there was but one line of text, i.e., month, day [number], and year [number], and time - and an active delete option by it. The URL for which displayed at the bottom left of the screen [as all pages appear to be] and showed it to be a profile search for members within the UK. But when I tried to use it - within the saved search place - it did not work.

How does one do a specific word subject search now to help one not repeat or inappropriately cross-reference when writing posts and within forum discussion on the site?

I used TIES as a specific subject word when I was researching TIES in the early days - which caused me to join this site - and a usable word-specific search option, and it would still be useful today.

Also, it would help for precis for one's profile write-up, for example. It would help people like me be more concise!

Thank you

Best wishes,


Oct 07, 2023 6:52 pm

There are both ostomate nurses and surgeons on this website. I would expect that they will be reluctant to disclose their professions.

Dec 20, 2023 6:32 pm
Reply to gentlejohn


Some replies may have come as an opening to other topics I figured!



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