One Year Post Ileostomy Reversal


Last week was the one year mark for my ileostomy reversal. I know for a lot of people reversals are not an option so I tend to not go out of my way to talk about it unless there is a reversal question. My surgeries were split into 2, with several months of healing in between. My husband tried to talk me out of the reversal b/c he thought I would have more independence with an ostomy and I like my independence. He also flips out anytime I’m under anesthesia…stuff happens. But at my age and with the new connection already made, just healing, I really wanted to try and was confident in my ileostomy care skills to be able to jump right back into that. My connection is an ileorectal anastomosis- super fun to say and try to explain when asked ‘what’s that?”  My colorectal surgeon had said a J-pouch for me would be malpractice because apparently if that rectum can be spared=really good. It’s funny how normal it is within this group of people to say ya I have 8” of rectum left, what about you? At the time of the surgeries they weren’t sure what had killed my colon, now they’re pretty sure it was Rheumatoid arthritis- they just don’t know why with me it went after an organ hardcore first and only mildly attacked my joints til recently. My post reversal surgery was traumatic because of complications with an ileus and partially collapsed lung, but then I had the nurse that looked like Chris Evans and the rest of that stay is a blur… not really I had a very interesting roommate.

I had a bunch of testing back in the spring that basically said there’s ongoing motility issues but don’t know why. Me and food are working on our relationship… but that’s not the reversal… that is getting sick on repeat for 14 years almost anytime I ate, so my brain sees a lot of foods as the enemy. I’m going to go back and do another round of physical therapy to help strengthen my core muscles. My incision sites have been closed for months, but not healing well mostly likely because of the RA so I’ve been getting laser treatments every 3 months to help. If you have any ileostomy reversal questions in particular, I’d be happy to help anyone in finding answers as much as I’m able. 
Happy Thanksgiving ☺️


Good for you girl, you are a kind and caring person and it's great to see you moving forward as you richly deserve x

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Hey Crappy, stole that lie from Bobw30 i think? Im glad all is well for you 1 year post reversal, Take care, Bill.




Happy to hear it’s at the one year mark! 😊 That’s amazing. I hope things continue to get better and better for you. Love the photos! ❤️ 

one thing I did not know is arthritis can attack your organs like that, I thought it was just the joints. Sorry to hear the post surgery was traumatic too. It’s so hard to be through so much. On another note I bet I had just an interesting room mate as you haha. Sometimes I just don’t know  🤣  I hope the treatments help with the incision and all continues on well. You only deserve the best 😊


Good news and let hope it all keeps going 100% good for you. I got rid of my J-Pouch after 18 years and now I love my Stoma. Regards IGGIE

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No J-pouch here, so we’ll see how it goes huh? 😃

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Bill, ya he can be blamed for that one and probably a couple others ha. Thank you 😊

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I think he meant he stole the "crappy" line.

Congrats on the anniversary. I want to thank you again for all the help you have been to me and to so many others on this site. You and IGGIE and a few others were a great help in my own reconnection decision. You are one of the heroes in life and I greatly appreciate your ongoing participation and support of others in our realm. A huge thanks for your compassion and support, Jodie!


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Congratulations  on reaching  your 1 year anniversary.  You are a fighter and will continue  to heal as well as helping others. I pray your RA will go into remission. That's  the pits. I also hope you will continue to overcome  the food aversion  that you have experienced.  

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Daniel, that clarification was very helpful haha. 

We come from all walks of life but for whatever reasons have ended up with ostomies, some temporary, some permanent. It’s about the journey and those we meet along the way ☺️


Congratulations on your anniversary. You might have some cloudy days, but I hope the sun will shine through and be bright every day for you.


Congrats!  And thanks for sharing.   Dec 8th is my one year and I thank this group for the support!   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone too!   John. 

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Amen, sister! :=))

Hey and Happy Anniversary, you look beautiful! So yes, please explain to me. You had an ileostomy to allow a reconnection to heal? How long was the ileo? Was it a loop? I'm just trying to gather info here for my situation. I had the colostomy since April, reconnected the colon to rectum in October but got a temporary loop ileostomy at that time because of inflammation in there ANNNND idk if ANYONE is ready for this, I know I was flabbergasted. Apparently, my vagina had adhesed to my rectum. Now who knew that was even a thing. And I would apologize for TMI but I don't think I need to with you guys. ❤️ It was over a 2 hour surgery "of careful dissection". I'm grateful he did it, considering he told my mom he thought about making it permanent. So, he said because of that, trying to prevent a fistula and the inflammation is why he went with the temp loop ileostomy. When I talked to the NP on video appt she said the 2 things are close together in there anyway and especially now that I don't have a uterus. I was probing for answers on reversal and she said something that made it click, the reconnection has been done (colon to rectum) so it made me feel hopeful that it won't be permanent. Just time to allow healing for the newly joined site? I'll have another Fluoroscopic exam 12/18 to check for leaks and a sigmoidoscopy on 12/19, not sure what that does but home health nurse suggested maybe to look for inflammation?? Then, if all is well, scheduled for reversal Jan 4th. I noticed a video appt scheduled already for the following day and asked the NP since I thought why video appt if I'm still in the hospital? She said I'd probably be out the same day. They just make incision at the stoma, reconnect and tuck it back in. Seems like a LOT less of a procedure than the previous ones and I thought I'd at least have to stick around for a BM before discharge but maybe not. 

Sorry for long winded thing here but anyone have any thoughts?

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Yes, I absolutely iterate your sentimate -

{Life is] "about the Journey and those we meet along the way"

Happy Tuesday

Thanks for caring and sharing

waves from the welsh Hills


Best Wishes


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Hey, did I respond to these questions in a message? Sorry if not, I can circle back now. 

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i need help for my husband.He had his ileostomy reversed after 7 mths.

He is 4 days post op and the bowel is asleep.No BMs so far.They give him high constipating narcotics.

Is there anything in the Ostomy community that can help,ie prune juice or laxatives.

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What does his medical team say? I'm not really the one to ask, given I no longer have a colon and have no reversal experience. If you open a separate topic, you may get the eye of people with like experience.


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Hi , I do hope your husband found the solution quickly! I have responded as I am suffering the same post surgery! 

I am on Oxycodine tablets which as you say cause constipation!!  I'm confused to have this medication prescribed when opening the bowels is essential and I was wondering if you found the best answers with this . 

I have been admitted to hospital with Impacted bowel though still being given medication causing this very thing . 

Best wishes to you both.

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Daisy, I need to hear the roommate story 😃

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Hockey, does your husband have any colon left? Have they said ‘ileus’? Is he allowed anything by mouth? Can he pass gas? Do you know what they’ve tried so far to try to get the intestine going?

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Hi! You’re back at the hospital? I didn’t catch what type of reversal you had. Do you have any colon left? If your pain is manageable without the pain med you don’t have to take it. You can also ask to step down to a less strong pain med. keep us updated on how you’re doing! 😊

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Yes , I had a colostomy reversal.  My colon is OK. The actual reversal surgery wasn't to bad in itself  . I will keep you updated and thanks for the kind welcome here .



Hi, I don’t have the private message thing because I’m not a paid member, but I might have a reversal similar to yours because I don’t think I’m getting a J pouch because I have my rectum. I think you reached out to me before and offered to communicate by phone or maybe video chat. I’ve been overwhelmed and down a bit because it’s very recent to communicate more, and I would like to talk if possible. Your story is certainly very inspiring and comforting. From what I understand from what I can gather if you private message me, I can write back. I’m still learning this forum.

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I’ll send a message and we can work out a time to talk ☺️

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