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I Read that skin around the stoma should look JUST like other skin on abdomen.  Mine does not look red or infected but it does not look just like other skin on abdomen.  It has a shiny appearance?  Is that considered normal?  Anyone else see the same.  Why would it look shiny? Don't have a local WOC nurse.  Use Hollister products for cleaning and skin care.  6 hrs round trip to large city.


Hello tnmontan9721.
I do like the concept that there is such a thing as 'normal' in stoma terms, although I am not convinced that it bears any relation to the facts of stoma life. 
The skin all around my stoma (years ago & from the start) has been the sort of colour you would see with a nasty blood blister. It has rarely bothered me much as I put it down to the possibility that the intestines are right near the surface in that area and that is probably what I am seeing.
Many people 'suffer' from skin problems, and I get the impression that this may be the 'normal' for ostomates. However, if it was written that "skin around the stoma should look JUST like other skin on abdomen", then it must be 'right' -Unless they are wishful thinking or lying! ( I can rarely tell the difference nowadays!)
There must be many reasons why skin might look 'shiny'. The first thing that springs to mind is pregnancy. This condition is renown for making skin shiny. My own skin can often look shiny when I sweat and it seems to push the oils to the surface.

It doesn't seem as if there is too much to worry about regarding shiny skin but perhaps other people can chip in with ideas.

Best wishes


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Mine doesn’t look like the rest of my abdomen either. I used to use moist “skin prep” pads before applying my ring and bag and they always created a bit of a sheen. I don’t use them anymore but my stoma skin definitely still looks different.


I agree with Bill....Wishful thinking. 

Skin around my stoma is shiny too.  It's because the skin is distressed by having intestine poked through it. 

There is also a medium red ring around my stoma, at the base where it is coming through the skin.   Been that way since first day, post op.  Doesn't cause me any trouble.  Doesn't get worse or better no matter what skin care product or barrier ring I try out.

If your skin blisters, weeps, starts scaling off, turns bright red.... consult a stoma nurse or doctor right away.  

If your stoma changes color from red to grey or black.... get to an emergency room right away.




Your skin is fine. Obviously with something stuck to it for days, it won’t look exactly like the other skin. As long as it’s not reddish or discolored in any way, you’re good. 

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Ciao! not the longest experience, but I had the same question last week and waited to hear what my Stoma Nurse would say about I already had appointment set :-)

My skin around the stoma is not broken, it's actually quite healthy, but it's much redder than rest of skin on the abdomen...and you see so many pictures online where the stoma is like a red rose on a mantle of snow white skin!!!

Well turns out that mine never will, as I am wearing a convex wafer which pressures the skin around stoma....of course it puts pressure on the skin and of course it always looks like an hematoma more or less...

but it's perfectly normal and healthy


Mine looks the same this will make people laugh and call me stupid I not bothered lol I'm a very hairy person I put hair removal cream on my stomach as bag wasn't sticking yeh trust me don't do that lesson learnt I could not even put a bag on for 3 days I was blistered and sore and yes I'm an idiot just didn't think 😅 

Reply to Mark1

Nah, you're not an idiot.  Now ya got some experience.  I use an electric trimmer to get most of the hairs.  Then I shower.  After patting the stoma area dry, I use a small scissor to carefully cut hairs the trimmer missed.  It's not important to get all the hair off.   

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