Just wanted to post I had my reversal 12/21. I’m home and recovering nicely. Had a few rough days with loose output every 15 mins but that seems to have abated! I had a “normal “ movement this morning - and slept through the night! 

I am feeling so blessed! happy new year! I’m looking to make 2024 s good one! 


Rose Bud 🌹


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That is good news. I'm happy for you. Have a happy and healthy 2024.

Happy New Year


Good for you.


Amazing!! X how was it? And how was recovery straight after. I'm waiting for a date for Mine x 

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Mysterious Mose

I am glad to hear things are going well. I hope they continue to do so.



How many days in the hospital? Did you have control of your bowels? Did you wear an adult diaper? 
My surgery is Friday 1/5

Morning glory

Thanks  for the positive  post. I'm  so happy that everything  is going so well for you. This will help people  that are facing a reversal.

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Honestly it was not crazy bad. Stoma(less) site was sore. I packed diapers, pads and underwear and desitin cream and wipes.  They really helped. Good luck with your procedure!

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I had surgery the afternoon of 12/21 and could have gone home 12/24 but I opted to go home 12/25. Be sure to pack desitin cream and use it right away! I also brought wipes, annd diapers and pads with underwear.  I wore the diapers - I never had any accidents but I felt better wearing them just in case. Good luck with your surgery! 


Can you message me. I'd like to know more about the reversal procedure  as I will be having one at some point thanks 🙏


Well as for me, today I'm 3 weeks and 4 days since my reversal surgery.  The closed area is healed and I'm pretty much feeling like my old (I'm 77) self'

I had none of the issues previously stated.  My biggest problem was pretty bad constipation so a few doses of Myralax and stool softener eventually worked.  Another issue was extreme tiredness but as of now, I think I'm over that.  Now need to get on the treadmill.

I'm grateful to have had a wonderful surgeon and her staff and the good care I received at the hospital.

Happy New Year to all!!

Mysterious Mose
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What type of ostomy did you have reversed? If an ileostomy, do you have any colon? Thanks.


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I watched a YouTube video a woman did addressing what to expect/bring to hospital. The surgeries fine - the aftermath was a little rough but having desitin or similar ointment and a hand held bidet plus tucks and wipes really helped.  Once my bowels woke up I didn’t have any accidents but I didn’t delay getting on the toilet (do NOT think maybe it’s gas 🤣).  I was in surgery 12/21 and released home 12/25. I did not go anywhere for a week. I was careful what I ate and took benefiber to help. By 1/17 I was ready to drive from NC to TX over a two day period.  I still have some issues but every day it gets better.  I hope you get your reversal soon and it goes well for you!

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