Hungry over night!!


So my tummy takes about 3 hours to empty to bag… so when we eat dinner at 6…it out by 9 ish. I am wondering if anyone else gets starving in the middle of the night. And what snacks do you recommend? 


Wow 3 hours is your turn around from digesting food to exhausting it  to your pouch?? 

usually takes me six to eight hours but then I guess my diet is different than yours ..

I just happen to eat a lot of marshmallows and a lot of binding foods and I can probably set my watch to the  # of times I need to go to the bathroom if you have high liquid output I can understand your situation but yeah marshmallows help me out tremendously and I usually have a semi-solid output and yeah even though I eat early,   I get hungry at 9:00 and I usually just have some marshmallows.. it's probably the safest thing you can eat that late hour..I don't know ....that's just my opinion.. it works for me..

have i mentioned marshmallows🤣?

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Usually takes me a day or 2 before I get any output.  But, even when not hungry.. I love to munch.


Blueberry poptarts



  Mine is about an hour and a consider yourself lucky!  But what you're seeing isn't ALL you consume coming out that quickly, just what doesn't find a spot in between some villi to be digested, or what your bile couldn't fully break down.  You can eat whatever you want for a snack, but if you're concerned about filling and popping your bag while you 'low residue' foods.  They typically produce the least waste.  Or eat whatever you want and set that alarm clock for 3 hours and you're all set.  Just note that your motility slows down at night, so you might get a bit longer before your bag fills when sleeping.  I typically grab a couple low-sugar protein bars as the last thing I eat, as those are low residue for me.  Just Google 'low residue foods' and then do a little trial and error and you'll be golden!     


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yes we do know yur addiction

to Godiva chocolates. 🤦


Tia, that photo of wbob?

he knows what he is talking about.

the bench photo is really  HIS before and after profile picture.



Golden Oreos with cold milk. 


I’m eating popcorn because I wanted salt… don’t do as I do? Isn’t that how the saying goes? 😉


It depends if you want to lose weight or gain weight.

ron in mich

Hi Tia my last snack around 8ish is usually a yogurt or one of those single serve cups of applesauce and i usually sprinkle some cinnamon on the applesauce.

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double stuffed filled cream.!!

Lady Laffalot
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I've had an ileostomy for a little over a year now and was told not to eat popcorn or any corn at all for fear of blocking your bag.  Does that not pose a problem for you?

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Sees chocolates are great too.  Got a box of nuts and chews for Christmas from Mrs Beachboy.  I hid em behind the couch... they be mine!!! No sharing..  Ah ha ha ha haaaaas

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Hey Lady, you’re right about being told not to eat it unless it’s heirloom popcorn… that’s why I said don’t do as I do 😉. I have no colon, but had a reversal (ileorectal anastomosis) a little over a year ago. I’m still not supposed to eat much of it. In fact, my small intestine really hates me today.  I’ve been doing food aversion therapy off and on the past year and pretty much if I feel like eating it, I eat it. My favorite ‘snack’  for the moment is BlueBunny banana split ice cream. I’m ok getting protein from ice cream 😁

I made homemade veggie soup earlier in the week and used some corn in that. It’s so cooked it breaks down easier but I still try to watch the amount because knowing me I will do something not smart and go snack on too much of popcorn for no colon.  😁

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and then...the cat...🙀 went behind the couch.. meeee- ooooh.


I have a pretty fast turn out too. What I do is eat a little something at 8:30 with my night time meds. You probably won't like my snack idea... I use what I call veggie pouches and fruit pouches. They are baby food that comes in a pouch and you just suck it out. It keeps the calories down, provides a little food, and works really well because it is also healthy. It also gives you extra doses of fruits and veggies. (As an ileostomate getting veggies and fruits can be hard for me so I have had to adapt.)  You can find them in a variety of different veggie and fruit combos and some with yogurt and some with oatmeal and even oatmilk pudding. They aren't that bad and it helps me not get up in the middle of the night looking for food. 



I will check that out when I have money! Thank you!

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I’m just curious, what other binding foods do you eat besides marshmallows?

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Hi Jules .

I just saw this and I wanted to reply  now... as far as the marshmallows go,  I eat them instead of chocolate chip cookies or Pop-Tarts.. yeah I eat like I'm 5 years old ..but I eat marshmallows number one because they're convenient and number 2.  I happen to like them and I just don't want to eat any other kind of snack before I sleep.. so that's very convenient ..

the other thing I eat are at least two Bananas a Day.. yeah I go ape s*** over bananas .. I think that's a very good binding fruit those are the base of the only two I really munch on and once in awhile I'll go off and have a Mounds bar beeeee---cause sometimes🎵 you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't🎵.😋