Hi Ostomy mates,

I work as a public school bus driver.  A few times as I drive the bus, I've smelled Poo!! Uugghh, kids have made comments like " what's that smell?" but they didn't know it was me! The driver.

The only way I can think of to cure the problem is just NOT EVER EAT???

Can you all please help me with ideas or resources.  Thanks in advance 


Hello Lori

You may need to supply a bit more info, there should be no smell at all from your appliance.

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Welcome Lori !!

it's good to hear from you!!

pls eat! but sounds like a leak..

We got a great bunch of people here in the community and the thing is the more details to give us, the better we can respond..

so I realize you have had the ileostomy for 8 years.. its listed in yur profile..and just recently you're saying it started to smell??

so I'd like to get some background.

it's just recently or have you always had this aroma??

I know you said you're a bus driver and the kids make comments and the kids could be so cruel..   they can  never understand.

 but  we do and we'll give you any information that you need to help deal with that odor... but like axel said there should be no order  being admitted from that bag!!

obviously, you have a leak and you not aware of it!!!   so I hope we can help... the more you give, the more you get, regarding information.

help us help you.. others will chime in ..once they know more..or just to say hi and welcome.. we get it here.


Hello Lori.
Thanks for sharing this experience.
I can understand how you could think it would be you that has caused the smell. However, kids also fart on the bus and would be unlikely to own up to it, so first of all I would be checking (when you have privacy and time) that the smell did come from you, rather than one or several of your passengers. If it was you, then there are a number of ways to prevent (or mask) it in future. Obvious answers are things like making sure your bag is empty before a journey; There are bags with filters that work quite well for me;  Deodorants, in several forms can mask smells but the kids are still likely to comment on 'the smell' even if it's not pooh (because that's what kids do!).
I was a welfare bus driver/escort for a while and it was just the same, except anyone on the bus might well have caused the smells and most times we could all have a laugh about it.
I will end with a rhyme from my welfare bus driving days, written to read out to my passengers when and if any 'difficult' situations arose.
Fortunately, they got used to me reading rhymes aloud to amuse them on the journey.

Best wishes



Let me tell you from the start.
I don’t think people mean to fart.
And, as far as I can tell.
They’ve no control on sound or smell.

When someone farts upon the bus.
This is a subject to discuss.
When people will their wind uncork.
Most folks might find it hard to talk.

Many reactions I have found.
Are simply to that trumpet sound.
Such sudden surge of sentiment.
I think it’s called embarrassment!

Once a fart’s within earshot.
People do not say a lot.
The fart will tend to mesmerise.
As if one’s thoughts are galvanised.

An instant instinct like an itch.
Make noses like a rabbit’s twitch.
Expressions on their faces tell.
That they await an awful smell.

Instinct tends to make us think.
That every fart will always stink.
When someone farts we cannot tell.
If it will come with its own smell.

If our own farts don’t smell one bit.
We’re glad we’ve got away with it.
We can sigh with great relief.
That we’ve not given others grief.

Some may giggle, some may smile.
Some might show that they’re hostile.
But when it comes right down to it.
All our farts can smell like shit.

So if the fart’s not one of yours.
I hope that you will try to pause.
Try not to scold or to indict.
Just consider the farter’s plight.

                                    B. Withers 2011 (on the bus)

                     (in ‘My Colourful Rag-Tag Bag’ 2012) 


Reply to Bill

Not good timing Bill. 

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
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Good giggle this a.m. - thanks, jb


Prolly not you at all - just kids being kids….or bus exhaust 🤭   not to worry - safe driving….jb 


If you’re smelling poop, you probably have a leak of some sort. There should be no smell with a properly sealed appliance. 


That's very interesting about the bus exhaust because if the bus has a new catalytic converter it will have that rotten egg smell I never gave that a thought because of this woman just realizes the smell it could be a repair to the bus she's had the osty for several years so she would have picked up on the smell before so I'm wondering if the kids are playing a practical joke on her or the bus itself could be the issue here but until we hear from her we don't know


I'm wondering if you notice this smell at other times, or if it's only when you are driving the bus, because as others have said, there should be zero smell with a properly applied appliance.   After you have noticed this smell on the bus, have you discovered a leak?  If not, I agree, the smell is probably coming from somewhere else.



When I was in the rehab, they didn’t have very healthy food options at all and a lot of my diet needs even though I just had, my ostomy were ignored. I ate a lot of Peanut butter and jelly, for example and juice, high sugar stuff because there was really no choice even after advocating for myself And having other people advocate for me. Lots of bread. Anyway, I say all that because even with the ileostomy it smelled, and it was bad. And when I got home and was able to make more of my own food choices, staying low, fiber, low sugar, this helped me. I know that a lot of people on here say that after some time you can eat whatever you want but I’m saying with the smell, it really helps with me to choose different foods with low sugar well processed sugar. I’m wondering if you’re doing too much sugar and too much carbs that are processed and not drinking enough water and if that’s the issue? Peppermint tea also helps you can make a Peppermint tea also helps you can make a nice iced tea in a carry along jug. Are you airing up the bag when you have to drive the bus? Too much gas causing foods? I think it really all goes down to diet. A good banana ripe with some yogurt in the morning maybe some chicken and rice in the afternoon maybe can help? Just some ideas. All ideas coming from lived experiences.

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Yes, I've noticed the smell at other times.  I think I notice it more now with the enclosed area!  I've tried NOT EATING to eating the most bland non seasoned foods.  The bag is fresh every morning & it seems to be a Lil gas of some sort & smell will be so foul.  I always empty when I notice any filling up if im.near a restroom to also help with smell prevention.  I'm just at a loss here.

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Yes, I've noticed the smell at other times.  I think I notice it more now with the enclosed area!  I've tried NOT EATING to eating the most bland non seasoned foods.  The bag is fresh every morning & it seems to be a Lil gas of some sort & smell will be so foul.  I always empty when I notice any filling up if im.near a restroom to also help with smell prevention.  I'm just at a loss here.


Could it be a sudden allergy to something like a spice or oil - we had a friend who was allergic to cottonseed oil - it cause horrendous oder  in gas-passing.  Took 7 years to discover what caused this.  Turned out he had to read all labels and even then some items just indicated “oils” did not specify which kind.  Just a thought….. jb

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That's bull you can smell it I had mine for 30 years if you eat fruits and vegetables you will notice the smell will be who ever says there no smell are bullshitting you 

Reply to BIGDRE202

Looks like you have no idea on how to seal a bag Mr Bullshit. 

Reply to BIGDRE202

Your output sitting in a closed bag should not be able to be smelled. When you empty, yes. If you don’t clean properly before resealing your bag, yes. If your output gets under your flange/barrier ring, yes. 


this is gunna be one of those topics forever ongoing and rarely answered with any acceptance. 

sit tight.

Reply to loripancer55

OK, so now I'm wondering what kind of appliance you are using.  If you are having to change it every morning, it sounds like it's likely not right for you, and perhaps isn't fitting properly and giving you an airtight seal, so allowing smell to leak out.  Have you tried other products?  Are you using a barrier ring?  I always use a barrier ring now and the seal is so completely airtight that it lasts for a week without changing.  


Reply to BIGDRE202

aaah.i found you and  your reply here. thought it was placed elsewhere.

you are entitled to your opinion.

as u stated for 30 yrs u have a smell.sorry to hear that.

saying we are bullshitting others is misleading. you speak for yourself.not us.. don't go making such outlandish assumptions.

others here outnumber you in experience  and fact. 

 we "bullshitting " others? ..really? 



If there's an odor, you have a leak. The Brava 6 X 6" protective sheet will eliminate it. It's the first thing you apply. Cut it the size of your stoma. Make sure your skin and stoma are dry. (4x4" gauze) Apply the sheet to surround your stoma. Keep your stoma dry with more gauze while you use your hands to heat it and it will really stick. This stuff is so sticky you will need plenty of adhesive remover when it's time to change your bag.

No one told me about this product. I had leaks all the time. Sometimes up to 3 a day! A vendor ostomy nurse told me about it. I suffered for 8 months before I was aware of this product. 

Reply to warrior

Hello Warrior.
Thank you for you response on this one, which probably expresses the opinions of many others on this site.
An alternative way of perceiving this might be to think that there is almost always a smell. However, the various appliances should be able to contain that smell so that it is not released into the atmosphere. With this perspective, it might be more valid to make the statement that "anyone stating that there is no smell is bullshitting..."  BUT! to make a statement like this seems to be more than a little disingenuous, as it leaves out the whole dimension of using appliances to contain the smells. 
Just a thought!

Best wishes