Product Recommendation for Keeping Appliances on While Bathing, Swimming, and Showering

Hi all:

I recently signed up for this site and have had an ileostomy since December 2010.

I have read so many postings about others asking questions on how others keep their appliances on while bathing, swimming, and showering. I hope the info below can be of help.

I've had a huge issue with my wafers not holding due to my body chemistry that causes sweating, which in turn causes the wafers to lift. Not to mention, I live in the South where humidity is high during the summer months, which didn't help with the sweating and wafer lifting issues. I have suffered from skin irritations that have caused severe issues until... I went on a product sampling binge for quite some time. I recently came across a "gold" glue that holds my wafer on through showers, bathing, and swimming. It holds so well that I no longer worry about it falling off.

The product is called Skin Tac made by Torbot. This may or may not be available through all suppliers, but I can say that Edgepark has it for less than $18.00 for a 4-ounce bottle. This may seem like a lot, but the amount of product you use, the bottle will last a very long time. I've had my bottle for 3 months now and looks as though the bottle is almost new. It's latex-free, hypoallergenic, and is used in place of other barrier products (wipes or sprays) and as an adhesive, all-in-one. It removes with alcohol or the barrier removal wipes.

What I do when taking a bath... I wait for when I need to change the pouch itself. Usually every 3 or 4 days, once I can smell a slight odor coming through the pouch (I don't change the wafer for 7 to 10 days so you can see that it holds nicely). I take a bath with the "old" pouch on and when done, I dry off the wafer and pouch. I remove the "old" pouch and replace it with a fresh one. I only towel dry the wafer but if you feel you need to be more secure, you can blow dry the wafer as well.

When showering... I remove the pouch altogether and allow the shower water to "rinse" or "clean out" the flange area. I shower, and then take the "paste" and reseal the stoma area (using a small syringe for a finer bead), just in case I need an extra seal. Otherwise, I am good to go and again, dry the wafer with a dry towel and replace the bag either with the old pouch or put on a new one depending on if the pouch needs changing or not.

For swimming... I use a ConvaTec flange cap... even with a Hollister wafer. Yes, it fits and fits snugly and is less discreet under the bathing suit than a pouch. I swap the pouch out with the cap, swim for a little while, and then check on the cap and go swimming again or just replace the cap with the pouch when finished swimming. If you use an adhesive stoma cap, just use the Skin Tac to help with the adhesion of the wafer around the cap. Try to let the glue dry for a good 10 to 15 minutes before submerging in water.

Again, I hope this information helps those out there that may have the same question or concerns I once had.

God bless!
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I was expecting a question about getting the appliance wet and that sort of thing; so good to hear about triumph by product sample...

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gracie in texas

How is the 'glue' applied? With a spray? A brush? Do you apply it to the skin or to the wafer? I use Coloplast wafers and I leak water around the edges and have the sweating problem that you described. Currently, I have to change my wafer every 3 to 4 days, and I have to bathe very carefully, and never shower or swim. This might be a godsend for me. Thanks.


The glue is applied with a Q-tip-like applicator and can be applied to the wafer or skin. I've tried both and get the same adhesion result. I use very little as well. I take and squeeze out as much of the glue as I can from the tip applicator. A little bit goes a long way and its hold is amazing. I really like this product, a lot.

If you try it, let me know how this works for you.


I guess everyone is a bit different, I wear a Convatec convex and if I put a cap on it, it can push the whole flange off if I start flowing. My pouch sits just above my belt line and I look like Urkel in swimming trunks if I pull them up over the flange. I don't swim or bathe, just showers.

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I may have to try that glue........... I change my appliance after 3 or 4 days........... I love the feeling of a new appliance. The simple joys in life. I use the Surefit moldable wafers and love them. I do have an issue with sweating and swimming though. I've tried the pink tape, but I still am not comfortable with swimming for a long time.

Okay -- I need advice with swimming........... How long can you swim? Do you change it after you get out of the water? What about heat rash around the stoma after you get out of the water? Do you really have to change the bag to one without a hole, and then change it once you get out??? I'm all about convenience, and I've really learned that nothing with this stoma is convenient.................. maybe just in the woods!!!!!!!!

I went swimming and then let it dry on its own. That night, I had a rash around the stoma. It went away in a few days, but it sure was itchy!!!
I love just jumping in the water to cool off -- maybe do a few laps............ but only do this right before I know we are leaving so I can change my appliance and bag.

Advice? Suggestions? I'll try the glue.


Hi Tomsha and welcome!

I will make note of that product... I'm all about being in the water.

Have tried various things and what works for me is: my Convatec Convex 2-pc appliance. Then I use a Sure Seal Ring. Then I use Perma-Type Security Strips (a tape) around the outer edge of the Sure Seal Ring. Then a piece of duct tape over the 'filter vent' on my pouch (those little stickers that come with the bags don't work for me). Could use a piece of the Security Strip over the vent... but duct tape is cheaper.

All this is for swimming/hot tub/spa only. I shower with nothing extra (keep the appliance on) with no problems re the appliance lifting/peeling. Sometimes after a shower, I replace the bag, but not always.

Case in point - we recently spent a whole day at a Swedish outdoor spa. In and out of hot baths, cold plunges, saunas, steam rooms, etc. Had my "uniform" on and felt totally secure. At the end of the day, the 'fabric' part of the flange looked wet... but it was still adhered to the skin when I took the whole thing off a couple days later (by which time it looked dry). No skin irritation.

I used to like baths every once in awhile... but rarely take them now. The hot water does affect the seal on my appliance and I don't want to go through my whole procedure for a bath.


I remember when I first had my ostomy surgery in 1971. The only material to use for the appliance to adhere to the skin was skin glue. You talk about something that was messy to work with, stunk, and burned like a mutha! I now use the ConvaTec Sur-Fit Durahesive Flexible Wafer along with a separate pouch with an opening. It has been the 'product' for me. I can do anything except constant bending and standing will loosen the wafer. I normally go 7-10 days per wafer, and because I empty once every hour or two (yes, that much), I don't have to change the pouch but maybe once every couple of weeks or more. I will try that Skin Tac by Torbac. That sounds like it would help me, especially this time of year when planting, digging, etc., etc.!
Thank you for sharing the info, especially since you've been using it and know it works for you. Take care.

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