Joint Pain After Ostomy Surgery?


Has anyone developed pain in their joints since having their ostomies? I have very bad shoulder pain, as has a friend of mine. But only since our surgery.

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Hi Welshman
After my surgery in January, both my shoulders became very weak. Not so much pain, but after my surgery this month, the pain in my left shoulder is unreal. I find it hard to hold a drink in that hand now as my shoulder has gotten so bad. I've had 2 nurses tell me it's how they moved after or before my operation. It gets less painful every day though. I hope yours does too.


Hi... I don't have pain in my joints but do have a lot of charlie horses... lol... or muscle spasms... I stay hydrated but they seem worse now... do you or anyone have them around or near your stoma?... just curious... sure hope you are feeling better soon!..



Thanks all. I wonder if there are any medics in our ranks that can tell us the reasons for post-op joint pain.

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I have had pain in my legs, mostly knees and ankles. In fact, in the first few weeks after my surgery, I was using painkillers for this pain more than for the pain in my abdomen. I was on high levels of Prednisone plus I was in the hospital for 31 days, and my muscles atrophied a lot. I have slowly been coming down off the Prednisone (from 60mg/day to currently 10mg/day), and I am slowly regaining muscles in my legs, so the pain is getting less.


Hi, I've developed terrible joint pain since my op, mostly in my knees and hands and my left shoulder. My doctor gave me cream to use but it makes no difference. I'm from Merthyr which isn't that far from you.


Wow, me too.
I have had left shoulder pain ever since my surgery 5 years ago, never before.
I have asked the doctors and they just shrug.


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Joint pain inflammation is very common in colitis and Crohn's. I have suffered with it for years, even after panproctocolectomy in 2005. I spent 8 months in the hospital and had to learn how to walk all over again, which was crazy. Most of my joints are affected. I also have arthritis in my hands and at the moment, suffering with carpal tunnel which is affecting my hands, arms, and neck. So, at the moment, I'm in a sad place. There is not a lot they can do for you as usual. We just have to suck it up and get on with it.


You possibly are sleeping on your shoulder. I am not trying to sound like a SA.


Cheers m8. I have to take painkillers before I can sleep. But I always wake a few hours later. I must roll onto my shoulder in my sleep. I have a meeting with my surgeon next week, so I am going to grill him on a number of things. He is a tidy bloke, so I should get some answers.


Thanks m8. It seems to happen a lot after our type op. I'll ask my doc.

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