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First Date in 6yrs - Wish me luck!

My daughter has been on my case for the last 6 yrs about dating.  Moreso since I've had my ostomy surgery.  I have Familial Andenometous Polyposis (FaP), so I had everything below the small intestine removed, Colon, Anus Rectum (wince) I already had horrible self esteem so, you can imagine what my self esteem was like after my surgery

But, God bless my lovely daughter.  I was so angry with her at first, but she went through my closets at 5 months after the surgery and had me start trying on things to see what would and would not work, and then drug me out to the mall for a wardrobe change.   Well, I have this new wardrobe and I don't go anywhere, so somehow, this crazy girl has set me up with a lunch date today.   Evidently, she know's a Chef who's my age and is divorced, and they are friends, so we're having a friendly lunch and she's coming along to make sure that I don't bolt for the door.

O Lord, I'm a nervous wreck.  Wish me luck everyone,  I hope I don't dribble soup down my chin, or my ostomy doesn't decide to start making gurgling noises to make her presence known.  And heaven help me if the gas starts and my bag swells to the size of a baseball while we're nibbling salad.  LOL.
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Good luck on your date hope to hear how it turned out.  I have been on a couple of dates and really don't worry about what my my little princess decides to do, if she makes a noise I just say - ooops that was me, give a little laugh and continue the conversation.  You will do great but stop worrying about what could happen and flow with it.  Your daughter is correct you can either adjust to your situation or be alone and lonely the rest of your life.

I hope you enjoy your date, good luck.
enjoy the date!!!!!!!!!
Kudos to your daughter for her perseverance.  Try to relax and have a good time on your date.  Remember, the ostomy doesn't make you any less of a person.  Let that personality shine!
Good for you. Don't stop my friend. You only have one at bat.

Thanks ya'll

I went, I ate, I laughed ... and didn't have any mishaps. It was actually fun and I think I will take my daughter out on all of my dates from now on.   (Just joking!)
Sounds like there are to be more dates in the future!!  

When you get brave enough to go on a "double" as opposed to a "triple" date, are you aware of  I'd recommend you check them out. Either one of their wraps, or a stealth belt, but I think Ostomy Secrets are prettier and easier to use. I saw these at a recent WOCN convention in Florida. The stealth belt is sportier, but seems VERY difficult to get the pouch set up.

Good luck!!
Oh, yes. My ostomy nurse actually had me looking at their website before my surgery I like the Stealth belt also and was going to give them  a try and see if I can wear jeans again.

As for the 2nd and 3rd date... we'll have to see about that. lol
Go for it girl.....
Male 87 yrs old.   I had my colon etc removed on my 72 birthday, and a lot of other thing since.  But my reason  for writing is to tell you, there is someone for everyone. Next Sat, May 12, my new wife and I are celebrating our 11th anniv. figure it out, colon cancer at age 72, married at age 76, and still going strong.          Good Luck
Best of luck. When mu ostomy starts making noise at the table, I just say it is my stomach thanking me for feeding it!  Have fun and let us know what happens.
I am SOOOO happy for you, one that you did go,  and then you had a great time!!  ok... now if I can just 'conjure' up the courage!  lol,...Just gotta get out the 'big girl panties' and deal with I guess!  Just so glad this worked out for you!!  xoxoxo
Aww...that's wonderful! Your daughter is such a blessing and loves you so much to get you out like that on a date. So cool! I'm glad it went well!! (hugs) YAYYYY!!!

Do you feel better about things now considering how the date actually went?
May rolls around again and I have gone on a grand total of 2 days since last May.  I think I'll give up.  Some things are just not meant to be.

BUT... I'm totally open to making new friends, friends are good.  They always manage to stick around longer.
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