Seeking Surgery Experiences: UC Sufferer Considering Ileostomy

Hi all! This is my first posting on this forum, and I am a brand new member!

I have been a UC sufferer for over five years now, and have had so many bad experiences. The flare-ups are bad and take me months to recover. Steroids are just awful.

So, I have decided to undergo surgery to rid me of my disease and the many side effects of my drugs. I'm posting to look for other people who have gone through the similar path as I. Or anyone who has had an ileostomy, or any surgery.

Just looking to share experiences as I'm not sure if I should be glad or terrified about my decision!

David. x
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I had many years of suffering from Crohn's disease, like you had steroids, other meds, and enemas injections, the lot. Side effects and bloating, not good. Time went by, I could no longer take the strain of it all. Pain got too much and I went had surgery. My pain went, gathered my strength, not been all good, had ups and downs. The best part of the ups is I got on with my life and no more discomfort. Yes, I have had my bag for a number of years now and wouldn't swap it for the agony and pain and not having a life. A bag is a small price to pay, it's a part of me and scars too. I'm glad to be alive and tell my story. Good luck with your surgery, please update us on your progress. TC Ambies....

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Hi Davio, having the ileo will give you your life back. Try to accept it and be open with the one you care about. I didn't, and it eats you up on the inside. I've only just found this site, everyone is so kind and they know what it's like to be you. Take care and all the best.


Well said, Ambies!  A small price to pay for having a life!    PB

I've had my bag for four years and love it. You can do more than before and have waaaaay more fun when you've got the bag. Life is good.

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Welcome to the site, David! Ask any questions and you'll receive the support and answers from man.

I had my surgery when I was 15, after 3 1/2 years of suffering with Ulcerative Colitis. That was more than 45 years ago, and I've never regretted the decision. I went on to marry, have two children, finally complete college, and have lived a full and relatively healthy life compared to the time prior to surgery. There are some adjustments to make, and definitely ups and downs regarding maintenance and diet, but nothing that can't be managed. What Ambie said is so, so true. It's a small price to pay for getting your life back. We're all here for you following surgery, so be sure to stay in touch. Best of luck to you.

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I agree with all the certainly gave me my life back.....4 years now and I haven't looked back at all....I go travelling abroad and do all the other things UC stopped me from doing.....Go for it and good luck hun xxx

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