Showering or Bathing with an Ostomy: Special Seal Needed?

Jan 10, 2013 8:46 pm

I feel this may be a stupid question and I don't recall asking my ileostomy nurse if you need a special seal when taking a shower or bath. I've been taking the seal and pouch off when showering, but I miss just lying in the tub soaking. Do I need a special seal or pouch to do this? Like I said, it sounds like a stupid question, but I'm in the dark on this one... I'd ask a doctor here, but I'm new to this area, which I have moved to another state and still trying to find an ostomy doctor....

Jan 10, 2013 9:52 pm

There is something called "Sure Seals" made by Active Lifestyle Products. You should be able to get them with your local supplier.
They are clear and they go around your wafer. They stay on until the next bag change. They keep your wafer completely dry so when you get out of the shower you don't have to worry about it being wet. I used to get irritation when I showered and the wafer was still wet coming out of the shower.
They are also good if you have a leak it will keep it from getting on your clothes.
Good luck!

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Jan 10, 2013 11:20 pm

Awww, that sounds good and I will ask about it. Thank you, Brian...

Jan 11, 2013 7:50 am

Hi Cherylem,

I can't see any reason why it would not be okay to soak in a bath. Sounds like it would be good for the skin around the stoma, and as for water entering the stoma, ostomates who irrigate regularly introduce water through their stomas.

A while back there was a post from a member called Bikerboy — he talked about his experience of swimming without any flange or bag.

And if your stoma decides to output while you're in the bath, you can always change the water. Reminds me of a story my mother told me when I was a kid about my two younger sisters:

Mom had momentarily left my sisters in the tub to play when she heard a scream from the bathroom. She ran down the hall and as she entered the bathroom she saw my 4-year-old sister cowering at one end of the bathtub, and my 3-year-old sister smiling at the other end while something the 3-year-old couldn't contain any longer floated between them.
Past Member
Jan 11, 2013 8:59 am

It's not a stupid question. When I first had mine, I was worried. I thought if my stoma got wet, something terrible would happen. Not sure what, lol. You don't need anything special.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Past Member
Jan 11, 2013 2:35 pm

I don't think your question is silly. Not all ostomies know what to do when they get them. Showering or bathing is your own preference. Allowing the skin to have water around it can only be good. I have done this many times, but only when I know my stoma is not very active or before I eat or drink. Don't be afraid to experiment. After all, the stoma is a muscle part of the bowel and very tough at times. I've had mine for some years now and never encountered a problem with showering or swimming, but of course, I do wear a pouch when swimming. Good luck for the future. Tc, Ambies.

Jan 11, 2013 9:19 pm

I am in agreement with everyone else. It's not a stupid question. How else are we supposed to know what we can or cannot do when we get a pouch? I wish I had found a site like this when I received mine. Could've saved me some troubles. Due to issues with my skin and allergies, I wore a pouch that I had to change anytime it got wet. Sweat would make the dang thing just fall off...Yikes! Recently I changed products as they have come out with new and improved pouches. I can now take showers and baths without problems. I use a blow dryer and off I go. Life is good. Take care, Gail
Hey three, love your story......hahahaha

Jan 11, 2013 9:43 pm

I'm sure my sisters are ecstatic that I shared it with the world.
Jan 12, 2013 5:37 am

I bet they were

Jan 14, 2013 3:47 pm
Thank you all for your input... I'm going to experience these things. I've been so upset with this ileostomy and felt it took away all the simple things in my life. How we take for granted some things... My husband and I, whenever we travel, would get into the pool at a hotel while I would sit and watch him swim. I felt so left out because I loved to swim and enjoy the water. Now when we go, I will be prepared and surprise him when I get into the pool. I've kind of stopped living when all this happened to me and have been afraid of trying to get back into my old lifestyle, such as swimming or going on long trips. I know it's made my husband disappointed at times and I felt bad why he couldn't go and have fun and me sit here at home. We just got married in October and I'm thankful he still wanted to be married to me with this problem. But all in all, I have gotten some insight on here on how to pick up my life and go with it. So thank you all for letting me see these things... And tonight I am taking a full bath. - Cherylem
Jan 16, 2013 3:58 am

Cherylem, this is going to be harder than it sounds, but instead of thinking about what the ileostomy took away from you, think about what it has given you. Take care.....Gail

Past Member
Jan 16, 2013 2:23 pm

You could use the bath soaking as a dry run (pun intended) for the swimming.