Close Call with a Monkey and a Stoma Bag!

Hi folks,
Just back from a cruise around the Med. One of the stops was Gibraltar, which if you don't know, is a British territory off Spain and Morocco. Well, we didn't have long there, so we decided to do a bus tour, which I tend to avoid as a rule, and explore on my own. At any rate, one of the items on this whistle-stop tour was the Ape Feeding Station. Misnomer really, as they aren't apes, they are tailless monkeys, and you're not supposed to feed them (voluntarily). On the way up the Rock of Gibraltar, the bus driver made a point of saying to us, "Do not open your bags, don't rattle plastic or paper bags, don't eat anything because these monkeys will steal them." Okay, that was fine. I had no food, only a small bag across my chest, bags tightly zipped, no paper or plastic bags .......

At no point did I consider my pouch! So we get off the bus, and there are three very elderly, sad-looking monkeys. The bus driver says, "I don't know where they all are this morning." So I halfheartedly took a few snaps, and my friend looks over the viewing point and says, "Oh look, Trish, there are some young monkeys, and one has a baby." So I look over to take a snap, and it comes up the mountain towards me, and I'm going, "Aww, it's so cute!" Taking photos at this point, there are two sat on the rail, and I am thinking, "Great photos, my kids will love them." When I stopped, I realized that the Velcro on my pouch had snared against my T-shirt and was bunched up. So I pulled the pouch away from my shirt, and it made a noise. At this point, the monkey gives me the look, you know the one, "Okay, hand it over, I know you got one." So it dawns on me, this could go so terribly wrong. My traveling companion is looking alarmed as it's just dawned on her too by now. Well, with that, this monkey flies off the rail onto my head and just as quickly, using me as a stepping stone onto the bus mirror behind me. Now, when it leapt for me, my friend screamed, which made a whole lot of other women scream. I started to laugh once I realized it wasn't interested in my stoma. But what really cracked me up for the rest of the trip was this man near us says, "Oh my God, I nearly crapped myself when that happened." And I thought to myself, "You have no idea!"


HAHAA!!!! ....... I love this lol ....... thanks for the post StarUK ..... oooooh so many animal stories I could also share lol ....... if I would have been there and the monkey would have taken notice of any sounds beneath 'my' clothes, I would have been using that situation to play with him and to mess with him LOL!!! ...and the ladies screaming while the monkeys are leaping around had to have been hilarious lmao......... I am totally picturing all this in my head while reading your post and I'm smiling ear to ear .....funny! Cheers!


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Lucky you didn't go to Cape Town, the baboons actually mug you. Glad you are enjoying life.


Hilarious!!!!! Thanks for sharing, got to have humor and laugh, laugh, laugh.


That was quite funny! Glad you are enjoying your travels!!!

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