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Ileostomy irrigation


I have been reading about members irrigating and plugging illeostomy.  Have also read it is dangerous.  Please tell me more about it.  

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to qualify for irrigation you must still have part of your decending colon, and it must be healthy. i dont belive you can irrigate if you have an ileo. best to ask your doctor or nurse first. 


Hello Bear.

I have been reading posts on here for some time now and I haven't come across anyone with an ileostomy who irrigates. I believe MMSH is correct in saying that it is not recommended for anyone other than those with colostomies.  That is not to say that I wouldn't personally be interested in this approach if the situation arose. However, even though I'm noted for taking risks and experimentation I would definitely be seeking advice from the professionals before even contemplating such a move.  Best wishes Bill


Never irrigate an ileostomy. That's only for colostomies. Never insert anything in an ileostomy.


why???????????  a plug doesn't seem to be a major intrusion.  and i have done minor irrigation  when a mushroom was  having a difficult time passing through. i do have an ileostomy. my dr. said to try the plugs and see if they allow a little more 'freedom'. start with 8-10 hrs just to see. i also have read plugs are only for colostomies but haven't heard a good reason why they can't be used for ileos. 


I have a colostomy and irrigate it every day. The idea behind irrigation is to "train" the remaining colon (sigmoid or descending, not transverse) to have regular bowel movements. It is said ileostomies' output cannot be regulated and therefore they are not appropriate for regular irrigation. I can't comment on "emergency" irrigation to address a blockage like a mushroom.

I've also never been able to use a cap because there are days my colon makes its own decision to "let go" in between times even though I'm into my 5th year of irrigating. I use a Hollister mini-pouch, which is pretty much like wearing nothing at all (most of the time).

Phoenix magazine has an article this month on irrigating. It is written by a Brit and it appears parts of the technique differ between the UK and the USA. Pinky :)


thank you pinky. i just recieved the conseal plugs so i'm go to try one tomorrow to see what happens.  

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