Disposing of Medications in Upmarket Hotels?


I've taken many holidays abroad since having my urostomy op 10 years ago, but low key and low cost. But for the very first time, I am going to a VERY upmarket 5* hotel in Italy. I'm a little concerned about disposing of my used medications - can anyone give me any tips, please?


I admire your energy. I know I'm only a year into this, but I really can't see myself on a sunny hot beach holiday again. It's not a problem for me as I love my caravan and the peace and my own space. Maybe one day.


As for your question, just double wrap everything and use an outside trash bin.

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I always get a few heavy-duty blue bags when I place my order for the Coloplast two-piece system I use. But if you are interested, there is a site that sells bags to place our ostomy pouch in when you're ready to dispose of it. Here is the link, I hope it helps.



I use doggy disposal bags that can be purchased at any grocery store or dollar store. Hotels are used to diapers and sanitary napkins in their garbage. The staff will dispose of them, no problem.

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Hi Leggy, they have plastic trash bags that you can get and put your used appliances and anything else in. Tie it with a twist tie or something and dispose of it in the trash can.


Thank you for the URL. I backtracked the product and ordered directly from Bag It Manufacturing this time. Overall, the black bags are worth it for me for odor control and ease of use. Discretion, too. No double bagging has ever been required.

Gwen in L.A.


Hi, I'm Marsha, and I have had my ostomy for more than 50 years. I was busy as a teen, and then married and raising children, but have always been out and about. For the last 20 years, I've traveled extensively, hotels cruising, and never had a problem disposing of used supplies. I usually wrap them in toilet tissue, and then bag it and leave it in the trash in the hotel room. They usually empty garbage once or twice a day. It's more of an issue trying to get rid of used insulin needles... so I often have to just carry them with me, unless I can get a sharps container (ship or hotel) or I use the "clipper" to cut off the needle end. I've found it easier not to overthink any one issue too much... There's generally a solution, and all works out well. Enjoy your travels.



@Gwen in LA,

Glad the link helped.

Here is the direct link for the future if someone else is interested as well http://bagitaway.com/


Thanks everyone for your replies. I just wanted to check really that disposing of my Coloplast waste bags in a 'classy' hotel bathroom bin was acceptable! XX Seems it is!!! Thanks

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