Looking for advice on ACE stoppers and where to find them


Hi, a few years ago I had my ileo changed to an ACE. I was wondering if there is anybody with an ACE and knows anything about ACE stoppers, how to use them, where you can get them from etc.



Hi Brogie, thanks for the post. Would you please tell me what an ACE is? I am not familiar. Thanks! Have a great weekend. LH

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A.C.E. stands for "Antegrade Colonic Enema." An A.C.E. procedure allows the patient to do a total washout of their colon by flushing out stool starting in the colon downward. This produces a bowel movement under the patient's control!

A very small opening (ostomy) is made in the patient's belly button or lower tummy. This opening can be made so small that it is barely visible. The ostomy is used to flush a saline solution into the patient's colon to wash it out and produce a bowel movement. This may be done daily, every other day, or 2-3 times a week, depending on how often cleansing is needed. Staying on a good schedule will help keep the patient's underclothes clean in between flushes. This ostomy is called a "continent ostomy," which means that fluids only go into the opening. It is not made for stool to come out of.

They turned my ileo into an A.C.E, which is better no doubt as I have more control. My bowel extracts a lot more water than normal ones, so by the time my stool is at the bottom it can be very hard and wide and painful to pass even though I do keep well hydrated. So putting in some solution once or twice a week keeps things soft. But sometimes gas and fluids do come out at the stoma end, and because I only wear a stoma cap, there isn't much room if it does.

I was wondering if anyone has an A.C.E on here and uses a stopper or has any other tips.



Hi Brogie,

A quick search, I found this... http://marianmedicalonline.com/products/ace-stoma-device/


Hi. I have never heard of this procedure. Just wondering if you had ileo, then the ACE is connected to your large colon? Do you like it better?

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I had an ileo from 15 until I was about 24, then I spoke to the docs, and they said having an ACE would give me more control, which it does. I am healthier than ever, and I got my weight up as well. I was quite thin with the ileo. The ACE is connected to the start of the large intestine, I think. I was in surgery for a few hours, where they reversed my ileo and made a new stoma with my appendix. I just push a little pipe through once or twice a week and put about 100 ml - 200 ml of sterilized water through via a large syringe (100 ml one), sometimes with a dash of phosphate enema fluid, maybe 10 ml added. That then helps to keep the pipes greased and things moving smoothly.

It wouldn't work for everyone, works with people who suffer from constipation, where laxatives, enemas, and such don't work. It wouldn't be a solution for people with fast transit because it speeds up and softens, doesn't slow down or solidify.


Hi Brogie. Thanks for the detailed description. I'm happy that it is working for you. I don't think something like this will work for me since mine is fast moving. But, I am happy for you. Take care. Redondo

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