Stomahesive tube hardening issue - any solutions?


Hi, does anyone who uses Convatec Stomahesive, have the same problem I do? The product starts getting hard in the tube about halfway through! I mentioned it to Convatec, to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The product works well for me, but I feel a lot gets wasted. Being Scottish, this bugs me. Ha



Hi RosieMom, I use it for a dip under my stoma to level it out and never have a problem with it. It does harden up right at the opening of the tube, but I just squeeze it out onto the wafer and use it.


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I would agree. The tube paste is too soft. This strip is a little more firm and seems to last longer. I have used it for years now. Very pliable with your fingers. Can shape it the way you need it and good for "patch" work on the go.  


You can try letting the tube sit in a cup of warm water....Best of luck to you!

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I've been using the tube paste for five years and haven't had the issue of it hardening halfway through the tube. I do keep it in my hands when I'm changing though to make it warm and a little more pliable. Then let it sit a few minutes to get a light crust on top before I apply my bag. My WCON turned me on to that little trick and it seems to be working fine. And as Babycakes said, best of luck to you!


Hi, yes, I've used Convatec paste off and on for years, and found the same thing happens. If you change often, and use it up quickly, no problem. But if you only change once a week....and sometimes don't use it...then it does tend to harden in the tube.

I never did contact or complain to the company, but I probably should have. If you can document how long it takes for it to harden, you could "negotiate" with them for a replacement. I did notice that it often developed a crust at the opening, but that was easy to clean out with a q tip.

Once I switched to the moldable Convatec wafers, I stopped needing the stomahesive paste. The wafer forms a collar around the stoma. If there's a "gap" between the wafer and my stoma I just "pour" in some stomahesive powder, and the moisture takes care of the rest.


Hi Immarsh,

I use Convatec wafers as well and am currently using the Stomahesive ones. I think the ones you are talking about that form around the stoma are called Durahesive? Just wondering so I can order some. This is my second time with the ileostomy and I couldn't remember which I used to use but that sounds familiar.



Thanks everyone who responded. I will certainly try all of them. Rosiesmom


I had this problem and it was so frustrating -- the nurse told me to glaze the top and that is fine but the tube hardens anyway so I use a mug of hot water and set the tube in it - works like a charm after that.... I do not use it now but it is a good product when it works!

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