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When to change

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Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:53 am
HarleyDoll wrote:

LetsRock - so you didn't find the StealthBelt to be all that good?  Other than for hiding it which would work good if one is having sex or wanted to hide it completely.  Being in Canada, I figure that StealthBelt will cost me close to $150.00 plus shipping, which is a LOT of money for a belt that does nothing but hide the bag.  Plain wraps and high underwear can hide the bag too. 

Hmmmm wonder if I should get a StealthBelt or not.  You don't seem to think the material is strong enough for hernia support, so I might think twice on this purchase as it will likely not be covered by my health plan.

Can you link me to this Nu-Hope where you got your hernia belt so I can have a look?

I have ordred some hernia support underwear from Vanilla Blush which is VERY nice from the looks of it, but don't know how supportive it will be as I haven't received it yet.

Does this look like it will provide hernia support to you?

        The Stealth belt is nice, but really doesn't offer the support like a hernia belt. I rarely use mine. The Nu-hope belt works well & easy to use. I have 2 Nu-hope belts, with different openings. I switch back and forth between skin barriers....I don't have a hernia, but don't want one either. I wear the belt always except when sleeping, I switch over to the 1" standard belt.

Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:08 pm

Hey Lavern, somehow I missed your Aug 2 reply.  There's also a product named "Stop Plus" that's a good deodorizer.  Hollister's "Adapt Lubricating Deodorant" didn't seem to work as well and I don't think Ileostomates need lubricants.

Please let us know how you're doing.

HarleyDoll, you can call NU HOPE for the hernia belt information at 1-855-527-8639.


Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:10 am
kbd wrote:

I told my insurance company I change it every 3-6 days depending upon my skin's condition. Right now battling a skin ulcer so I'm lucky to make it 3 days. Ostomy nurse told me to let it stay on until it was hurting, leaking, or slipping. She basically recommended letting it stay on until it comes off. Saving your skin is very important, so if I suspect it is leaking, Crohn's flare ups, watery stools, I definitely change it more frequently.

Pooey on that!  Change as you need to, in order to make yourself comfortable!

Change BEFORE the pain, BEFORE the leaks.  Your ostomy nurse sounds like a woman who can handle self-deprivation and weather-out pain.  Good for her! The rest of us, however, have no desire or need to do so. We'll change BEFORE we have leaks or pain, thank you! And YOU. kbd, need to join us in taking care of ourselves, and to heck with your crabby ostomy-nurse-who-doesn't-get-it.  Change as often works best for you so you are comfortable and never have to feel pain or discomfort. At all.

I found out the maximum bags allowed by my insurance, and kept them coming.  Once I decided that it was best for me to change daily, I was happy to have a steady and large supply coming in.

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